Monday, February 2, 2009

Can I get more hours in a day? Who do I request this from?

I did entirely too much this weekend; I'll breakout training and throw in a few random recaps.

42 mile ride from NW Athlete's Lounge out to Sauvie's Island, 2 loops around Sauvies and back. Changed into my running shoes and went for an easy 2.5 mile/20 min run. My legs were really fatigued pre ride, post they weren't any better.

7-8 mile hilly run in Lake Oswego.
This was supposed to be 15 miles...but ended up with 7-8 miles. Dahdum! Dahdum! Dahdum! Hit my first "wall" of the training season. Really I should have been able to toughen the f%$# up, I was just experiencing pain from fatigue. Energy stores were decent but muscle fatigue was a b$%#. I had a mental fight for a good part of the run. It was nice to have Alana to run with and confirm my craziness. I got really upset with myself for not being able to handle the work load I had planned out. But who the hell am I? I didn't have a coach create my schedule, I had a crazy over zealous triathlete build it (yes, I am speaking about myself). So what if I can't do it all, I've had a nasty building week and a break down was probably due. I notated earlier in the week that I realized I can not hand the power building of the bike and run in the same week. I should have scheduled myself some extra recovery workouts, taken things a bit lighter instead of trying to ram it all like an aggressive bull. I really only learn from my mistakes. I decided to take the rest of the day off and get some much needed R & R in. I revised my intensity on the week approaching.

Monday morning swim

500 warm up

1 x 200 paddles
1 x 50 one arm catch up
1 x 50 under water freestyle - focusing on pull
repeat 1 x

20 x 100's - 1:45; 15 sec rest

Total yardage = 3200

On a less strenuous note; my weekends
*Successful, restful sleep was accomplished...Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
*Don road his bike over a hump of road kill then a live girl. Luckily he and the girl were ok, the road kill on the other hand was not.
*Got more test results back and found out I'm hyperglycemic. The blood work was done an hour after eating and my glucose level was a whooping 59. Hyperglycemia kicks in sub 70. I need to start carrying mini Snickers in my purse. This explains a lot of my shakiness and confusion post workouts. I get rid of my anemia only to become hyperglycemic...what a b%$^. I'll use this as an excuse to have my fudge ice cream bar....kidding, kind of sort of:)
*PB and honey sandwiches, the breakfast of champions
*Bang! Bang! Bang! That is my new favorite word :)
*Got my new Beijing blue and green Speedo in the mail, uber cute and functional!
*Went dancing at Dirty with some girlfriends
*Helmet man, Laurel got to rock his WWII style helmet...lmfao!
*Creepy porn star reject kept eyeing us
*Switching my ID with my other 2 blonde girlfriends and tricking the bouncers, ahahahahaha!
*Invasion of the short men
*"Where did that guy come from?" Her response, "Intel"
*What was the deal with the hiked up jeans and striped polyester shirts?
*One drink of Mr. Royal on the rocks and I was home by 11:50. Alana we make a kickass team!
*Test road a few more bikes. I've got it narrowed down, can't wait to get the twins :)
*Drag Queens, many, many Drag Queens. Darrcel IV is so much fun. Who would have thought a 78 year man could rock a drag show. I want to borrow their glitter and sequins for one of my race suits.
*Chilin, drinking Irish whiskey and bs'ing with the ladies...this was much needed.
*Rachel, Monica and Phoebe, oh what a trio we are
*SemiPro was a waste of time...sorry Will
*Sleepovers! Yay!
*Ugh, tummy ache from too much trail mix
*Went for my first dog walk. Yes, I'm 28 and I had never walked a dog until last night. Alana's great dane was very well behaved.
*I laughed so hard this weekend I thought my face was going to get stuck, my cheeks still hurt + what a core workout!
*I got pulled over this morning from taking the outside lane on a right hand turn without signaling. Ugh, I should have had my yogurt before I drove home from swim. Mr. Officer was very nice and let me go with a warning... I think the goggle eyes helped.


Rainmaker said...

I always love your weekend one-line wrap-up posts. Lots of fun.

Btw, hitting the wall as you describe in doing back to back long rides/runs is why I switched my long run to Tues (and my long ride on Sun).

Jason said...

If you get more hours in a day, I'm sure you'll just fill them up with more stuff, and then want even more.