Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Swimming the night away

Not really.....the swim wasn't anything lengthy and by then end I was uber tired.

Swam without the buoy tonight, by the end I thought I probably should have used it

500 - warm up (this felt awesome, I had a ton of energy)

1 x 250; 50 A-ok,50-karate,50-fist pulls, 50 one-arm catch up, 50 underwater freestyle; rest 15
1 x 100 moderate pace/focus on body position and stroke
repeat 1 x

3 x 100 w/ paddles; rest 15 (leg is starting to get annoying; accidently flip turned and pushed off on it a few times, agh!)

5 x 100's; 2 min intervals - 1:45; 15 sec rests

3 x 100 w/ paddles; rest 15

1 x 200 easy cool down

Total yardage = 2500

ITBS status - Today was better then yesterday, and yesterday was better then the day before. The topical cream is working and doesn't burn as much anymore. I was able to get in 4 x 10 min foam roller sessions today; hurt like a b$@!^ but I stuck it out. I'm keeping my upper calf, knee and hamstring wrapped up in tape for most of the day. The compression helps alleviate the pain. I'm still rockin a limp...hoping that will go away soon.
My friends have made this whole nightmare tolerable....I am surrounded by some very thoughtful people and I feel blessed.

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