Monday, February 16, 2009

Attempt to spin, evening swim

Morning spin

The pain in my leg is slowly decreasing. I decided to attempt and "easy" this morning. I hoped on Carnage and spun out for 35 mins. I kept wattage low, I mean uber low avg'ing 124. My leg felt fine throughout the spin, no pain at my leg that is. The set up on this bike is a whole different world then my road bike. I feel like I'm cramped up like a ball. Usually getting in my aero bars is relaxing and comfortable, right now I feel like I'm using way too much muscle and pressure on my shoulder and arm joints in that position. Reality is I think I'm probably set up right and my body just has to get used to riding in such aggressive stance.  35 mins was plenty as my upper body was a bit sore later throughout the day.

Evening swim w/PDX Tri Club

350 warm up

2 x 50 Buoy pull; 15 (everyone else did kickboard but my leg still hurts, so I choose buoy instead)
4 x 50 Buoy pulls; 15 - "Catch up Stroke"
4 x 25 Skulling; 15
2 x 25 Glide drill; 15 

Main set
1 x 500 - moderate pace - 8:45

3 x 100's; 30 (1:40-1:45)
repeat 4 x 

Cool down 200

Total meters = 2700

Somehow I was faster then norm, I'm not sure how this could be as my leg hurt and I was barely kicking. I'm used to swimming in a yard pool with these times, I haven't a clue how I did the same time in a meter pull....yes I am sure it was meters.
On the flip side I got to hang out, meet and bs with some cool new tri club members. 

My frickening leg hurts

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