Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drugs and swimming

Before bed I shellacked my outer upper calf, knee and hamstring with this topical anti-inflammatory cream and put on my compression socks. &^%$@!!! The cream is is made out of capsicum which basically burns the hell out of my nerves and numbs the pain. It works, it's just hot. I don't think I could have tolerated sleeping through the inferno without the vicodin. I am one hot, drugged up mess.

I awoke in a groggy haze. Stepped out of bed on the other foot (learned from the morning prior) and landed sound on my injured leg. Yay! I didn't fall over. The pain in my IT is still very noticeable as it causes me to limp but is tolerable. I hobbled my way the gym....

Morning swim

500 warm up (oh man, I am so groggy and lethargic, stupid, stupid narcotics! The first 50 I played it safe with a buoy, hen tried 50 w/out. I needed the buoy, I found myself trying to kick without one and that caused pain. So the rest of the workout was with buoy in tow...blah)

50 a -ok
50 karate
50 underwater freestyle pull
1 x 200 paddle
50 one arm catch up
50 fist
150 freestyle
1 x 200 paddle
100 one arm catch up
1 x 200 paddle

I don't feel any real fitness was achieve in the workout but a small amount of sanity was kept and that's all that really matters. The best part was having company during the swim. Alana, have I told you just how much you rock?!

I used a foam roller during lunch, that was masochistic hell.

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