Friday, February 6, 2009

Another long day of training....

Morning swim

500 warm up

1 x 50 kickboard
1 x 50 one arm catch up w/kickboard
1 x 50 underwater freestyle - working on pull
1 x 200 paddles
repeat 1 x

1 x 300 - easy

20 x 100's - 2 min intervals
The first 5 or so were 1:43-1:45 with 15-17 sec recoveries
The remaining 15 were 1:40-1:43 with 17-20 sec recoveries
I wonder how much time I could shave off if my flip turns were actually efficient, I am horrible at them.

Total yardage = 3500

Some time in the afternoon....

I feel I'm always on the GO-GO-GO rarely I have time to breathe. Today I took 5-10 minutes off, off from everything, training, friendship, work, life in general. I planted my tail on the sidewalk, took in some deep breaths of fresh air. I felt as one, whole and complete. I had this small feeling of weight being lifted up and way and for a moment, well a few moments I was floating on clouds in the sky. :) I wish times like this could last for eternity.

Evening run

Met up with Alana and Joe for an easy 2 loops around the PDX Waterfront. This should have been easy, the weather was beautiful, the company was stellar, the pace was easily manageable....yet my body found it incredibly difficult. My IT band hurts like a bitch. I forgot how bad this type of pain is. Pain is something I excel at blocking out, but when it's so pronounced in something that I find so much enjoyment in, well it irritates the hell out of me. My energy levels were low too. A little over 6 miles and I felt like I could have passed out. Speaking of which....I was able to talk to my doctor about my low glucose levels. She reviewed my metabolic panel and my nutrition log, the jest of it is that I'm not eating enough. Really? I eat 6-10 times a day depending on training volume and intensities. Still it is not enough, I'm running on E far too long, my body doesn't have the time to store and convert glycogen because I'm immediately using what I'm consuming. It doesn't help that I'm pretty much sugar free outside of training fuels. For instance, today I trained for almost 2 1/2 hours burning somewhere around 1100-1200 kcal. Post second workout (7:30ish pm) I had only consumed 1700 kcal and get this, my RMR is 1800. Yea, 1800 sitting on my ass doing nothing all day. No wonder I'm a zombie most of the time. How do I fix it? More fuel just as often...and jelly beans in my purse, for when I need a sugar fix. My tummy is going to hate me for the next couple weeks.

Anywho, post run we recovered with the best cheeseburger in Portland at Julie and Pascal's The Carafe. OMG, my burger was absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing with me Alana. I ended a very long day with great friends, a badass burger and a delightful antioxidant enriched glass of wine. It is now time to take an uber hot bath, pop a muscle relaxer and take my tail to bed. I'd got an aggressive ride planned for tomorrow. Au Revoir!

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