Sunday, February 15, 2009

And now I introduce to you


My pretty new carbon fiber B16 Felt. 
I've been needing a new bike for some time, in fact I need two...the road bike will be a few weeks down the line. The recent injury, week worth of not working out, and stupid V-Day was all too depressing I needed to buy myself a little toy to pick up my spirits and the wonderful fellas at Athlete's Lounge came to my rescue with this little beauty. Seriously I haven't stopped feeling my FELT up since I brought her home. Stiff, hard carbon fiber....and a power meter...:drooling: I'm pretty simple to please.

Along with my bike I also received my first shipment of GU which I expect to use through IM training and race day of course.

On top of the GU I also bought myself two new TYR Splice swim training suits. These are uber comfortable, I seriously love them. The two pieces are a nice option for the long torso girls that feel too much pull in the one piece. And what's a new bike and suit without a photo? Oddly enough I was feeling as crappy today when I took these as I was last year with my photo of Cadence. I think they turned out ok and again is a nice reality check you don't always look as gross and crappy as you feel. 
Ok, so be it...I'm a lovin' FELT, carbon fiber, compression sock rockin' TYR, sucking down GU, camera whore, it could be worse I suppose. 

My leg still hurts and I'm still limping. I took the whole weekend off from training and had some fun with my girlfriend. I plan on swimming a lot this week and hoping to get a few spin sessions on Carnage. I'm crossing my finger with hopes to be able to start running by the end of the week. Wish me luck, I need all I can get.


Anonymous said...

The photos leave me speechless!!!!

Kit Kat said...

Who would the anon be?

Joe Tysoe said...

Good Grief, now you have an Anon poster too. Ha. :)

There is a way to track where people come from, you could use the SiteMeter stats and embed the code into your blog. (that would give some idea of who visits)

Anyway, very nice bike and great pics; your outfit syncs w/ your bike!

Anonymous said...

Just a fan of your blog. It's always good to leave some mystery!!!

Kate said...

Sweet Bike! I want that camo Tyr suit!

sbrtv said...

Sweet new ride! I'm hoping to bring home some fresh carbon this year too.

I'm not normally a big camo fan, but in this case, I approve.

wha said...


Holy hell Mama! Those pics are scorchers! Niiiiice!

After two kids, I may be skinny, but am no longer perfect. I dont see those types of pics in my own future. SIGH. :(

Talk to you soon,

kathleen said...

the bike it fantasic and the photos leave me speechless too and only youknow why!!

Rainmaker said...

Ha! And your blog stats officially shot through the roof with this posting.

ConradP said...

WOW... very nice bike and amazing photos... you deserved those gears, hope you can fully recover soon.

Gordon said...

Kit, as a professional PR person, I'll studiously ignore, physical assets, and focus geekily on the background. I see you're wearing Sugoi R+R socks, and are a fan of Gu. Which is lovely, since my agency represents both brands.

Weird, eh? Since you represent so well, please get in touch with my account coordinator Devon Sibole (devon at outsidepr dot com) for a nice little hook up. Also, you should visit Sugoi's website and search for their Brand Champions section -- you'd be a great semi-sponsored representative of the company. Cheers, and best luck with your injury.
Gordon Wright
President, OutsidePR

Chad said...

Great pics, Kat. You are super cute.

jashikcrib said...

How much did you pay for the bike?