Thursday, February 26, 2009

When life throws you lemons

I turn it into lemonade.

Oy what a day. Bad news, what do we do with bad news? What are our options? We can allow it to consume us and in the end result become miserable human beings. We can ignore it, pretend we never heard it and make things worse. Or we can some how see the rainbow that appears to be miles away in the storm. The last option is what I have decided on. I'm injured, things are not good. I'm spending money, money that I thought I had and now come to realize I don't. We can never be too certain what the future brings so we must always live within our means. I've always done this. I have a new car and soon two badass new carbon fiber bikes. There is not much more that I need out of life....a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, my health and fuel...uh food I suppose. It's time to minimize. I'll be cutting out over 1/2 the races I had planned this year. I figure this for the best and I'll focus on training the best I can to achieve my time goals for IM Canada. I mean, who really cares about the little races anyway? I can do that stuff on a training day.

Morning spin - 60 mins
Same as Wednesday 20 mins low wattage, 20 mins moderate, 20 minutes low. My leg gave me no troubles during the spin. I see the doc tomorrow, we'll need to have a serious talk. I can't afford to being see him as often as I am, yet I can't stop treatment. It sucks when your insurance doesn't pick up good PT. I need a fast fix, this is taking too long. My pain went to constant to hit or miss. I am now experiencing really bad muscle cramping and what feels like the occasional shin splints. I don't know if this is post bike/spin related or what. The inflammation is not going down....but my fitness is.

So the other day I had my heated seats put in the Civic. Upon the carpool Beaverton Honda provides I meet a Nike employee. Turns out dude was a product line manager for the footwear division. We exchanged business cards and today he drove out and dropped off shoes. Pretty bad ass, a pair of uber light weight racing flats and a new pair of Nike Zoom Equalon+ 3. I scored.

Evening swim -
Uh, this went to shit pretty damn quickly. I was tired and didn't really have the energy or motivation to pull anything out. I've been doing swim speed work all week and I think it's finally drained me. I opted to random drills with no rhyme or reason.

Total yardage somewhere between 1900-2100...I couldn't recollect everything.

On another side note, I realized something with all this "down" time. I'm not experiencing hypo-glycemic symptoms anymore. Which means the cause was lack of calories during training. Today I struggles with swim and as I look back I hadn't eaten enough. Today was the first "double" (easy I know, but it still counts as a double) I had done in weeks. First day I have burnt over 600 calories in weeks.....I need to eat more, period.

I'm off to bed, looking forward to a long stead swim in the morning and then a date with PT after work. I live an exciting life, right?

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celmore said...

Get well soon. Good luck at IM Canada!