Thursday, September 18, 2008

There must have been a blue moon.....

when I started my run speed work at 5:30 this morning. Part of stupid taper is cutting down mileage and intensity. I cut down my 1600 (7:13 pace) repeats from 5 to 4 but only ended up doing 3. Come minute 3 of my 3rd mile repeat I was cursed with a crippling side stitch. I rarely get these, in fact I don't ever remember experiencing one during track before. Such pain! I focused on Yoga breathing, looooong deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This doesn't work so well when your deprived of oxygen. I stuck it out to finish the mile then immediately stopped. No cool down, side wasn't having that. After I got my breath I spent my new found time on Pilates core work and the foam roller. 15 minutes later I thought about doing the last repeat. I just didn't want to not finish the workout, but reality is that work have been considered as "junk" miles. The whole point was to go fast, short recover and go fast again. I had recovered for too long...oh well.

10 min warm up
3 x 1600's 7:13; 2 min recovery
4.60 miles total

15 min Pilates core and foam rolling.

Per Chad's request here is a pic of my new Sugoi bike shorts, I'm also rockin' 2XU compression recovery socks just because. Seriously though the Sugoi shorts are the BEST bike shorts I have ever worn, my tail felt really good on the bike. I can't wait to try them out next month on my century ride. The Zoot shoes are being mailed, as soon as I get them I'll post up pics :)


Rainmaker said...

Very nice track workout. My track hurt today too. A.lot.

Chad said...

Those shorts are awesome. I've only wore blacks. Now I'm curious.

Russell@Upper Echelon Fitness said...

White shorts - daring.

Recovery time? It's been shown that the effort is more important then the rest time between. There is some importance for lactate clearance for road cyclists, but for TRI I wouldn't put as high a value on it. So a little extra recovery is ok. As long as you can get in ALL the efforts, do it. That's where the real gains are found. But if you cannot hit the specified intensity for the efforts, that's when you go home.

Anyway. Unsolicited comments :) Best of luck with your training and racing!

Kit Kat said...

In response to "Russell@Upper Echelon Fitness"

Daring, yes, I think one would have to be to have the kind of profile pic I have up :)

Anywho, thanks for the run advice, I'll keep that in my mind the next time (knock on wood there will be no next time, but let's be realistic here) my run/speed work gets interrupted. Comments and feedback always welcomed!