Monday, September 29, 2008

Last week of taper and random Vegas party pics

Last week of taper, thank God!
Today is another recovery day. My body is starting to feel antsy and I am getting irritable. I can't bike commute all week, I haven't swam in over a week and I'm limited on short 3-4 mile runs for the next 2-3 days....then I just sit and try to rest and relax. Ha!
Work is keeping me focused and super busy which helps with the restlessness my body is experiencing.
I can't wait for race day!

Here are a few pics from my last night in Vegas

Right to Left, Tiff, Marilyn, me

And here I am racing up to the club on an escalator in Steve Maddens. WTF was I thinking?

We're all so lit here, I had to go black and white

Hehe, dude was real and I think Tiff thought the bottle was as well!

Grand Finale - Arial Shot!


Rainmaker said...

Ha! Looks like a blast!

meherczeg said...

yay vegas was so fun
i had a dream about partying at prive last night, weird.

Kit Kat said...

Mar- Do you remember those boys?

Chad said...

Between these pics and the bike pics you are overloading us with eye-candy.