Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Stuff

2nd day commuting - My boss is bad ass for more reasons then one. First off she sent me a link to a great cycling route site. I can't for the life of me remember it now but I'll send it home and post it up tomorrow. It cut the traffic and lights in my commute by over half. I can actually say I had a pleasant commute to and from home. I did happen to get lost both times and added an additional 2 miles each way but that's my own damn fault, I'm not great with directions. Total commute distance was 33.5 miles. I lost all the power data from the morning but it wasn't anything special to post. I've realized that commuting will never provide good posting data, ie training, I'll always have some kind of comical observation to talk about it. But as for training and the Power Tap, well that will be left to the indoor trainer, distance rides and hill work. Reason she's badass #2, she hired me. I LOVE my job and am pretty much willing to live there. Reason #3, free espresso's, latte's, mocha's, any kind of coffee drink you name it, free all day long. I've been jacked up on caffeine since Monday, I can't come down! Badass #4 - Free pair of $150 Sugoi white cycling shorts :) I was a bit hesitate since they are white and rather sheer but has double paneling/opaque in the need places. Surprise, surprise they actually looked good on me. I've received a few cat calls running but today riding Cadence was a first. I rocked them all the way home. Badass# 5 , met up with our Zoot rep and got a few pair of racing shoes ($140). Oh yea....and I got a bike light and mirror. Lol and I'm only on day 3! I can't wait for Inter-Bike next week.


SUB6 said...

Just found your blog ... very interesting. I'm impressed (obviously) with your profile picture but more so with your data graphs and especially your wattage output graphs. Oh I wish I had access to such data ... and you have an apple mac ... I'm totally jealous! :)

Chad said...

Wow, you're really getting the hookup! I can attest that black shorts are more see-through than white ones, especially when stretched. Related note: I request you post pics of the free gear, hopefully you'll model it. :P