Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another day..2nd of my marathon taper

Can I really even say that? Day 2? I've got a 3 week taper and the first week, well I'll let you decide if you really think it's a taper. I'm aiming to cut run mileage down by a quarter of my longest week...and "tri'ing" to take swim and bike easy. Lol, whatever

Morning run
10 min warm up
6 miles at "marathon race pace" 8:13's

This felt EASY; Polar claims my AVG HR was 149, yea maybe with the warm up stretch and cool down BUT race pace was betwwen 150-160, if I can keep that for 26.2 miles I'll be in great shape. This run felt really good.

Evening - 1 hour Pilates

Let me tell you something, this new commute is KILLING me. Regardless if I'm on Cadence or driving my car the traffic pisses me off like no other. Things need to change. Thinking about moving closer to work :) Nice area, great to bike and run around.

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