Thursday, September 4, 2008

4250 yards......

= 2.4 miles

50 rest: 10
100 rest: 10
200 rest: 15
300 rest: 20
400 rest:30
500 rest:60
400 rest:30
300 rest: 20
200 rest: 15
100 rest: 15
50 rest: 15
100 rest: 15
200 rest:30
300 rest: 20
400 rest:30
300 rest:30
200 rest: 20
100 rest: 15

Overall time 1:26:30; 2:02 avg 100y time includes rests.

My first 2.4 mile swim, new PR :)
This wasn't planned out and have realized that I can never be just a runner, cyclist or swimmer, I have to have multi-sport. I'm training for the up coming PDX marathon and this week has pretty much gone to shit for my runs. I made a very poor choice of drinking too much (lesson learned!) on Sunday night and the effects stayed longer then I would have liked. I was only able to get one day of run training in which consisted of mile repeats and pushed me to zone 6 which taxed the hell out of my energy. Then I made another poor mistake (note: there are many of mistakes made this week) of going for an easy recovery run in the evening = extreme bad I ended up taking a nose dive into my lap top by 9pm. I was going to make up my lack of run/speed work today and do a tempo after work, but when endless counts of coffee just wasn't cutting it I decided to throw in the towel and go home and take a nap instead. I have proved my endurance is up to par, and my speed is coming along very nicely, missing an extra run to allow my energy levels to recover was a better choice IMO. Although I am subject to take that statement back at I'm always learning through trial and error. I awake from my nap feeling rested but not enough to push that tempo that's where my 2.4 mile swim came in. I've never swam 2.4 miles before and I figured it I took it nice and easy that it would be a nice recovery....and that is exactly what I got. Don't get me wrong, it is indeed a looooong swim and rather boring might I add, but it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. Maybe my efficiency in swimming is getting better, I don't know. It can't be that great since my time was still uber slow, it's a good thing I have a year or so to improve. One thing I do know is I have to get new goggles, mine hurt after so long. Plus I'm not too keen on the google eyes. I think I'm going to get the wide ones that go across the face.

And for future reference don't EVER dry your face with a towel that you used to chop jalapenos with. My eyes have been stinging for the last 45 minutes!


Rainmaker said...

That's quite a respectable time considering all the rests.

"And for future reference don't EVER dry your face with a towel that you used to chop jalapenos with"

Shakes head...

meherczeg said...

i love that i swim pre-work and the first hour of the day i still have goggle eyes. i think it makes me look more professional.

ps i had a personal best swim today! 1000m 7 minutes faster than the last time i did it! holla!

see ya in vegas, girlie :)

Chad said...

Thanks for the LL Cool J track.