Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finally! Wattage data! :)

As soon as I got home I changed and hoped my energetic tail onto Cadence for a ride out to my new work (first day is Friday!). I'm going to try to commute 2-3 days a week and want to try out a few different routes. The route I took today was 30.3 miles round trip and VERY hilly....lots of rollers. Since I'm marathon training this ride was taken at an "easy" training level. I will probably take this way either out or back or both depending on day light. It follows main blvd's and roads that are very well lit, the only downside is a lot of traffic and horrible unsynchronized traffic lights. The elevation profile is the very top pic...I think it's a pretty small resolution but you might be able to click on it to see it larger. None of the hills were anything extreme, it just sucked major tail that whenever I would start to climb one I would start at 0 mph as I would be waiting for the traffic light to turn green. I would also have to be VERY cautious as I descend since moronic drives taking their "free" right hand turn would not pay attention to a small biker speeding down a steep descent, at least my breaks work well. As I'm riding on my way out I was thinking to myself "How badass is this? I am sitting here riding in traffic and I am taking cars as *kills* Lol, suckers....you guys are sitting in gridlock probably experiencing high blood pressure getting pissed off a traffic while this little fat burning machine goes flying by you. :) " I ended the long stretch of Murray ahead of some cars that I started 7 miles back. $%&@ fuel goes for $3.70 a gallon I wonder how much I could market 300+ watts of Kat? Hmmmm, food for thought. Anywho I was super excited to download my power data when I got home. I knew it wouldn't give me much to use for training since it was any easy ride and I had so many damn stop and goes....but I still found it cool none the less. Oh and for some reason I'm still having a hard time getting my HR to register. It's annoying the hell out of me.

Wattage stats
Speed Max 34.43, Avg Speed 15.74 (sad)
Power Watts Max 394, Avg Watts 138
Power Watts/kg Max 6.63, Avg watts/kg 2.32
Torque Max 40.11, Torque Avg 6.98
Energy expenditure 938 kcal

Power Zones
Recover 26% 30.3 min
Endurance 49.33% 57.2 min
Threshold 18.47% 21.42 min
Race Pace 4.6% 5.33 min
Max .22% 25 sec
Supra Max .11% 13 sec


Chad said...

"I wonder how much I could market 300+ watts of Kat?"
Makes me want to buy a new toy!

Rainmaker said...

Sweet - awesome - I love numbers! But then again, I'm a geek like that.

Funny you mention the fuel thing. I did some math earlier this year regarding commuting to work and the 'cost of my fuel'. Turns out, it's actually more expensive mileage wise to bike-commute to work because of the increased caloric needs and the cost of food. :( Not that it would stop me from commuting on the bike though. :) Just a funny stat.

Kylie said...

Are you having trouble getting the HR to register on the device while you ride, or on the computer after you ride?

And I can't remember... which PM did you get?