Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A few random thoughts

I am approaching a new chapter in my life. It has come time to turn the page and move on to bigger and better things. How often are we offered the career of our dreams? In an average lifetime I don’t think many get the opportunity, and for that I feel truly blessed. Not only for being recognized as the best candidate but also knowing thyself, skills and goals to make a career and lifestyle unite. Just recently I was offered a buying position with a women’s cycling and triathlon company. Really, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Well we could always ask for more money, I mean who doesn’t want to make multi billions? So yes we could always ask for more but in the end I want to make an impact in something I truly have a passion for and believe in. Not only am I going to work for the industry I race/train in but I get to utilize my analytical, planning, nerdy-data detail oriented side. I feel like I’m Charlie and I get to work at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I start on Friday and am UBER excited.

On an ending note I will mostly miss my bad ass office mate/dating coach (inside joke). Shake and Bake Randy! I got a very nice farewell lunch from my team today. I’ll miss you all.

Autumn is approaching. It’s darker earlier in the mornings (I know this since I get up between 4-5am to train!), air is crisp, leaves are turning, the sun is retiring earlier (again late training nights!)… is time for comfort foods, switch out the feather top mattress pad for a heated mattress pad (no I’m not 60), pumpkin and apple spice candles and training in the bone chilling conditions. It is also time to face another round of holidays alone, yet again. But alas, this year I have my fish Oscar to keep me company. We’ve bonded a lot since the last I spoke of him. He now responds positively and mocks my fish lips kisses at the edge of his bowl.

The quality of the heart; I believe everyone was born with a good heart.. The heart is an amazing muscle/organ that not only allows us to live but to have emotion. Some choose to coat their heart with thick mortar as to not allow vulnerability, others wear their heart on their sleeves and allow it to get crushed over and over again while others….well others get lost on a mis-beating path and end up diving heart first through a toxic dump and now have residue of bio-hazard waste lingering. There are sad qualities among all other the above. I think that truly knowing your self and not passing judgment on others is the only way to keep that heart glowing of positive radiance.

Try to smile more often, compliment a stranger and turn a positive into a negative. Pay it forward; you’d be surprised at the growth and outcome.

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KodaFit said...

Congrats on the new job!! That does sound like a dream come true.