Saturday, September 20, 2008


I am so fricking tired. What a week I've had. Started a new job, which I love. It's fun and exciting but there is a lot to learn, a lot of things I want to bring to the table (all in good time) and all of acclimation. I started bike commuting for the first time ever. Rode to work 3 out of 5 days;
Monday, Day 1 - swam, then road to work and back on a very hill route with lots of cars and stupid traffic lights - FRUSTRATING day. I would rank this a 20 on my daily stress rankings. 20 miles
Tuesday - Day 2 - Better then Monday. Took a different course, more mileage, less traffic and lost on the way to and from work. 34 miles
Friday - Day 3 - Kicked ass! Used the same route as day 2 but with slight modifications. Got to work 25 minutes early so I hit the countryside for some hill/speed work, added an additional 8 miles. Ate really yummy Hawaiian Potluck food which inflicted wrath on my tummy later in the day. Again, sugar and white flour = axis of evil. Rode home with a sugar crash, ugh. 38.5 miles total.

I got home late Friday only to pack for Saturday and tri to go right to sleep. A little melatonin can be your best friend. Come 4am my alarm goes off, ugh, already? Time to get up and go volunteer at the USAT Nationals out at Hagg Lake. Even though I was physically and mentally tired my spirit was VERY excited. I love volunteering for triathlons. I think it's important to give back to the community and the community gives back to me by allowing me to removing timing chips from HOT sweaty triathletes. Ok, they're not always all hot but this was nationals, so 99% of the athletes did have amazing bodies....I'm not sure if I was more attracted to their physique or their times. Who am I kidding? I'm all about the time/data/numbers! :D Anywho, volunteered from 6am-11:30, worked timing chip hand outs and then removals. During the in between time I got to speak with the RD and several of the USAT organizers. I learned some pretty cool things. I was going to ride or run after volunteering but found out they had closed the course off since the elites would be racing later in the afternoon, so instead I opted to go home.....and now take a much needed nap.

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