Friday, September 5, 2008

I got my baby back!

And I'm now playing with power! :) I was so excited to go on my recovery ride, come home and download my data and share it....just to realize I am a tool and didn't set up the device before I rode on it. *Banging head against the wall* Good thing it was just a recovery ride and I wasn't trying to find my FTP. I took Cadence on an easy 30ish mile ride from NW PDX out to Sauvie's Island and back. For some reason I wasn't able to get the HR to register and the speed wasn't coming up although all the other data was, cadence, time, wattage and so forth. I'm going to try to switch out some batteries and play with it some more before I take it back to River City. I wish I had my normal Polar HR on because I couldn't tell how high my heart rate was and I felt tired today. I know I wasn't pushing it but I was more tired then normal. I think that was due to the speed work on Wednesday and then yesterdays long swim, plus I haven't been on my bike since Hulaman HIM. I must eat lots and get some R&R for the rest of the day, I'm looking at another 20+ mile run tomorrow morning. Thank God I have a long vacation weekend.

It was a beautiful day for a ride, perfect temp and windy as always.
Here's some of the data I did get from power meter but was unable to download due to pure idiocy.
Max Watts 341
Avg Watts 162 (low I know!)
Time 1:41:45
Avg Cadence 79 (low again!)
Energy/Kcal 888
Distance 30.8 / 18.16mph (soooo slow)

Now back in Feb 08 I got my Vo2 done on the bike and at that time my Vo2 max was at 280 watts and my Aerobic Threshold was at 200. I'm hoping that my cycling has gotten stronger since then but only my indoor trainer will tell with a few power testings. Can't wait to do them......after the Portland Marathon.

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Joe Tysoe said...

Those are pretty good numbers for a moderate ride. :)

I was surprised how low my cadence avg was too, for the most part I don't worry about it; though I shift up if I'm at about 94-95 and find that extra gear doesn't bog too much & provides a decent measure of speed.

I shift down around 85-ish.. In training coupling torque with "good" power #'s is key to strength building, in long-course racing I like to avoid high torque/high wattage situations because as you would guess, it zaps the legs.