Monday, October 6, 2008


So the Portland Marathon site has some pretty neat stats featured....thought I'd share my performance based on the marathon as a whole.

Time (gun) 3:40:22
Time (net) 3:39:25 (yes it took me almost a full minute to reach the starting line.)

6.2 miles - 7.4 mph; 8:09
6.2- Half - 7.5 mph; 8:02
Half-21.1 miles- 7.1 mph; 8:28 (uh oh.....pain is starting to kick in.
21.1-finish - 6.7 mph; 8:55 (that's a sad sight right there)
Avg speed 7.1 mph, 8:22

Placed 1,026 out of 6,462 athletes, top 14% and for the record I was ahead of 77% of males....guess I can't use the excuse that boys run faster then girls anymore.

Placed 202nd out of 3,699 females, top 5% = badass!

Placed 50th out of 605 women between 25-29, top 7% time I want to go FASTER. Who's down for another marathon? This girl is! :D


SUB6 said...

They are some impressive stats! ... congratulations!!!

Joe Tysoe said...

Big ups on the 'thon. :)

Jason said...

I now want to run another marathon.

Well done, and of course you'll go faster, simply because you want to. We all know you'll put in the work.

Rainmaker said...

"next time I want to go FASTER. Who's down for another marathon?"

By the looks of are...and that marathon is called Boston.