Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last run before the Marathon - thoughts on trainng

1 mile easy
1 mile 7:13
1 mile easy

3 miles total

That's it, I'm done with running until Sunday - Marathon day. It's kind of odd, I'm not nervous at all. I've never not had butterflies before a "first" race before. Maybe it's because I feel fully confident and prepared or maybe they will come race morning, I can always count on that. I'm really looking forward to Sunday. Midway through training I was worried that I wouldn't be able to hit my time goals. I wasn't able to focus fully on the marathon training as I was still training and racing to peak at my second HIM (which I did, thank you very much :)). But now as I reflect back I am very happy and feel confident in my training. I held back from partying (for the most part) and hit 90% of my speed workouts and 100% of my LSD runs. I watched my tendencies to over train and took extra rests when needed. My progression has shown as I have improved my efficiencies and can run much longer and faster at a lower HR. I am ready, hear me ROAR! On another note, the last 2 runs I did I got serious side stitches. Not sure why as I have been doing Pilates more then ever in the last two weeks. My thoughts are they are from training in colder weather. I pray I don't get a crippling stitch during the race but if I do so be it, I'm ok with that. The stitches made me remember that ANYTHING can happen on race day. If I don't hit my goal for whatever reason I'll be ok because no matter what I know I trained my hardest and most important of all racing is about having FUN. So with goal or without I will be crossing that finish line with a smile on my face, but you better believe I will leave my ass out on the road shooting for a sub 3:40

BTW I have to plug these cookies
They're me new favorite breakfast/training snack.
Natural yummy wholesome goodness. Now I just need to get a lock so the cookie monster doesn't break in and steal them when I am asleep. Damn the cookie monster!


Jason said...

Good luck and enjoy.

SKMDT said...

Sounds like you're all set. Have a great day.

Bryan said...

Good luck! Looks like your training is fairly serious - you should PR no problem. In any event, have fun.