Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oatmeal Vs The Chocolate Chip Cookie

I had an interesting conversation during breakfast #2, or maybe we should call this brunch. Our TYR meeting ended up running late and which delayed eating an hour and 15 minutes. This evoked a wrath of fury in my tummy. "Feed me", it screamed! At the first chance possible I headed to the kitchen to prepare my oats/flax seed and why protein. As I sat down to burn my tongue on my oatmeal I was quickly drawn to this little chocolate cookie that was sheepishly calling my name..."Kaaaaatie....Kaaaaaatie, look at me." Uh oh, am I hearing things or this this cookie really talking to me? "Kaaaatie, I won't burn your mouth. I'm fully of sugary, buttery goodness. Just look at the fat glistening off my chocolate know you want me." Then my oatmeal spoke up "Kat, let's be reasonable here. Think about the pros and cons. You could very well eat the cookie. During your last week of tapering you can not afford to skimp on the calories, you need them. BUT that pretty little cookie is composed of date preserving ingredients and processing. Who actually know what is in that cookie? Sure, it will be tasty when you chew the sugary goodness down but just think about the aftermath. You'll get the energy spike (Woot! Woot!), followed by the sugar crash. Plus your body will have to work twice as hard to breakdown the processed ingredients to utilize as energy. You're hungry, you need energy now and can not afford to waste it on hard to breakdown processed ingredients. Instead keep eating me. (Yes the oatmeal did say that). I'm full of whole grains and amounts of amino/protein which will help repair your muscles from this morning's early run. I can trust you to make the RIGHT choice".

The oatmeal had a solid argument (plus used the parent line "TRUST" in the "RIGHT CHOICE" and in the end won over the cookie.

Training for the day - 4 mile easy run.


Rainmaker said...

I prefer the more obvious choice - eat both. :)

Jill Costantino said...

Good on ya! Treat yourself after the race. My weakness is nibs or any red licorice and I try to limit myself to eating them only on the weekend in rationed amounts. Not key word "try". It doesn't always work, but most of times it does.
Only a few more days before the race. Good luck and kick some butt!