Sunday, October 19, 2008

A weekend in review

Saturday – easy/moderate 25 mile bike ride
I hit the west hills with Paul before the PDX Tri club scavenger hunt. I got a little excited and over my head when I suggested we climb Logie Trail along Hwy 30. Paul brought me down to center ground and suggested Germantown Road instead. I’ve never done Germantown before and knew it wasn’t as steep at Logie, which I think hits 14% at some point. This was supposed to be a nice and easy relaxed ride, so Germantown it is!
Here’s the elevation profile for Germantown.

As I was climbing I was very thankful we went this route instead. I am still having quad troubles getting out of the saddle. Really? When will this go away? Once we crested Germantown we rode out to the end of Skyline to Cornelius Pass and backtracked Skyline down to Cornell. It was nice to get a ride in before the tri club scavenger hunt. Here’s my power data

Speed Max 30.02 max/13.55 Avg
Cadence Max 222 (this has to be an error)/Avg 51 (yes I'm a damn pedal masher)
HR Max 184/Avg 147
Torque Max 44.54 / Avg 8.72
Power (Watts) Max 354/Avg 124
Power Watts/kg 5.96/Avg 2.08

I can't wait to be 100% recovered and do some power testing. Thinking this will take place early to mid Nov was I'm moved and settled in my new place.

On to the scavenger hunt! Here’s a little recap
*Julie, Shannon and I in the back of a cop car.
*Racking up an $88 bar tab
*Shooting a German Chocolate Martini
*Shannon running across the street with a giant pickle.
*Riding a little girls hot pink Specialized
*Lmfao, conversations with Jack who we later found out was really named Wally, the Pug, also the pretty little black and white eyed Lucy.
*Shannon talking to random strangers in Chinatown, scary!
*Falling on my ass in the middle of downtown PDX, what’s a ride with Kat if this doesn’t happen? My hip hurts.
*Sadly informing a stranger he had a mullet, lol, how could you not know?
*Julie stopping a random driver to see if they were 85, turns out they were 88 so she let them go. But we needed someone 85 or over with a valid drivers license so then she raced them down to get the DL picture. Too funny!
*Racing back to the finish with 2 minutes to spare.

We took 3rd place. We got the most stuff but not the most points. One team went for the whole enchilada and got in Dishman pool and did synchronized swimming. Damn them! The event over all was a lot of fun and big ups to Lindsay for putting it together. At the end we sat around and BSd over pizza and beer/wine. I don’t remember chewing the pizza, it was good I inhaled it; some kind of meat lovers.

In the evening I met up with some friends at The Vault for a fun night filled with martinis. I stuck to my favorite The Pussy Wagon, lol, come on Kill Bill, would you expect anything less? It’s a martini with cranberry, lime and jalapeño infused vodka. I was supposed to focus on my new in season goal of dating. But that didn’t work out too well. I ended up getting stuck talking to a semi-hot guy that appeared to be mesmerized by my training. He was too easy and that made him no fun. Shannon did happen to point out his $300 jeans, but I’m not looking for gold, I’m looking for fun. Dude had a very odd friend that ended up disclosing his “members” size and asking if that was big. I was stuck in the middle of the whole conversation and it was really weird. I learned a new term last night; Puma, which I guess I happen to be. If you don’t know I’m not going to break it down for ya. Anywho, the evening was a whole lot of fun. 11:30 came and it was time to run home before my car turned into a pumpkin, I had to get up and run in the morning.
Great end to a great day!

Sunday – 10 mile LSD run along Wildwood.
Oh man, did I drink last night? Wooooeeee, guess I did. Wish I could sleep in for once, but no, the internal alarm clock will not allow that. I got up and started my cooking for the week. Baked Pumpkin French toast casserole (s/f whole wheat w/o HFSC) and a cranberry chicken skillet with brown rice. Then I put on my running closes and drove out to Wildwood. Brrrrr, it was crisp, cold and foggy. A mile into the trail run and my HR was high enough to keep me warm. This run was bad ass. Despite having a itsy bitsy hangover and vertigo I felt really good. In fact I had these urges to sprint. I guess it was the “puma” coming out from inside. I felt like an animal running through the forest; it was such an awesome feeling. Ended the run with the famous runners high. Then I went home cooked some more. I LOVE wasabi mashed potatoes so I created a wasabi potato soup with spinach. Turned out really yummy. Now I need to get back to packing.

Au revoir!


Rainmaker said...

Wow, sounds like a crazy busy weekend.

Those numbers are indeed thinks some high cadence drills are in your future. ;)

Kit Kat said...

Not only that but a bike that will allow me to spin higher. I mentioned I have a standard double, right?

Lindsay said...

I'll make you some of my soup if you make me some of yours! Alright, I'm going to have to google "puma", my curiosity is getting the best of me.