Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another crazy busy off season weekend

Friday night was started off right with drinks and food with friends
*Wasabi martini at The Gotham Tavern. Ick, it tasted like aluminum...but a conversation piece and peaked the curiosity of the group to try it. Traded in for a chocolate espresso martini topped with a cherry. Really how could you mess anything up topped with a cherry?
*Not one, not two, but three haunted houses at the memorial coliseum. The first one, Oil and Gas was pretty scary....although that could be contributed to the alcohol I consumed prior. Lindsay and I held hands, screamed and protected one another from the ghouls. The second house was set up like a museum of gore and oddities. It wasn't really scare at all and that might have been because the alcohol wore off waiting in the 20 minute line. Really? The best part was walking through the pitch black rooms. While we were waiting in line there were these odd characters walking around, they were pretty neat. There was this disturbed looking child with a fucked up doll, a guy in some kind of gas mask and lab coat, a crazy pig faced man....he was freaky until he started dancing, then I couldn't stop laughing my ass off. What took my attention was the hot crazy murderer...or something like that. He was walking around with no shirt on, bad ass abs, and covered in blood and dirt. I could spot those abs from afar and was immediately drawn to him, so of course I ran right over and felt him up. I had to see if they were real or painted on. Would you expect anything less from me? Lol, they were real and that brought a smile to my face. Sadly for me he wasn't interested and walked away in his trance. The third house was the best in my opinion, and that was with no alcohol involved. It was set up like an insane asylum. they had all kinds of crazy characters running around, role playing and becoming very invasive. At one point Lindsay and I found the whole thing so funny all we could do was fall over laughing. I think this annoyed the actors....they didn't stick around too long after.
*Note to self: You can no longer wear *&$% me boots to look cute if you plan on walking around all night. Ouch! My feet hurt the next morning.
*Riding the MAX is scary. A man that resembled a pimp (I'm 99% sure this was NOT a costume) kindly let me know he like my little outfit under my wool floor length coat. Awesome.
*Hot wings and more alcohol to end the night on the right note.
*Once again I got home before midnight so that my car wouldn't turn into a pumpkin
*Failed on the dating goal.....I couldn't get a date with the murderer yet I got hit on by a pimp. My luck, go figure.

*Woke up after 6 hours sleep and went running with my coach. Did I drink last night? WTF was I thinking? We ran all over the west hills, but at a slow comfortable pace. Started at Dunaway track, headed up Twilliger, ran off onto random trails that took us up to Council Crest, the Zoo and Rose Gardens and then back down. Council Crest has this neat circle you can stand in the middle and anything you say will echo off the stone walls that surround you. Of course I had to play around and talk random nonsense on it. We couldn't have asked for better weather to run in. It was a prefect autumn day in the NW. Sunny and clear with a crisp in the air, surrounded by the beautiful city inside the forrest with falling changing leaves. Heading back was a bit challenging. I had shared some of my nutrition and found myself bonking with fun. There were a few points I had to stop on the trail and walk since I couldn't see straight. 2 hours and 45 minutes later we were back. With all the breaks and walks we probably ran 2.5 hours, I really haven't a clue on mileage since it was on unfamiliar running grounds but based off of time and a relaxed pace I'd guess 14-15 miles. I was happy to arrive back at the car eat....props to me for bringing my cooler with food!
*I couldn't satisfy my hunger all day.
*45 minute power cat nap
*Finished my Yam Jalepeno Bacon soup. Turned out to be my favorite soup in the last two months.
*Caught up with friends at Katy's house warming party. Such a cute new home, hope you love it hun! Katy by the way makes the BEST Sangria.
*I ate too many hot wings and red pepper hummus dip. It was time for Kat to step away from the food.
*Of course 47lb cock wine was involved and a wine called Black Mate. I bought it because it was national Pirate Day, what that means I don't know, but at the time it intrigued me.
*Pb cookies and cherry chip cupcakes, so freaking good! I love the off season!
*Lindsay and I ended up at Dirty dancing the night away.
*One too many Black Opals. Train hard, party hard, right?
*Hehe, pole dancing with an oh so hot soon to be fireman. Did I mention I got to see more abs? This had to be my lucky weekend.
*Ugh, driving home at 5am. Shouldn't I be out running now?

*4 hours later I was up to start packing more and then to take care of errands. Not too happy about this.
*Met up with friends for an easy 40 mile ride. We started at the Lucky Lab in NW and then my route was changed. I had suggested riding the dirty 30 out to Germantown but was convinced to ride up Cornell to 53rd instead. A new hill to climb, cool. Haha, I was actually a bit scared since I had never ridden it before and wasn't sure if my quads have healed yet. Last weekend I still had struggles getting out of the saddle. I climbed 53rd and then Thompson all in the saddle, it felt good. I wanted to conserve since this was just the beginning of the ride and my fatigue levels were high from lack of sleep. We rode Skyline all the way down to Cornelius, again know come to think of it the whole ride I conserved. This was probably the easiest 40 miles I have ever done. I guess I can thank riding with two bad ass boys to draft off the whole time. Thanks fellas. I swore I was going to get blown right off of skyline, the side wind was scary and the hangover wasn't helping anything. Speaking off wind, you can always count on it at Sauvie's Island. Again, thanks boys for pulling me along :) You made me a happy Kat and in return I shared my H2o and nutrition. Did I mention I had a nice view of piston pumping calves? Mmmm, yummy. At the end of the ride we went up Vaughn and I decided to test out my quads. I was able to climb out of the saddle without any sort of muscle fatigue. Booyah, quads are healed. I think next weekend is going to call for a hilly ride. Bull Run maybe? :)
*Another beautiful fall day and great training....or just keeping my fitness up.

Here's the power wattage data - Keep in mind - 4 hours of sleep and a massive hangover
Max Speed 33.18/ Avg 14.79
Max Cadence 128/ Avg 58
Max HR 182/Avg 141
Max Torque 43.95/Avg Torque 7.66
Max Power Watts 826 (no shit!? this can't be right)/Avg watts 122
Max Power /kg 13.9/Avg 2.05

I'm tired....and now need a weekend from the weekend.


Rainmaker said... Tiny snippets:

"I ran right over and felt him up"

"wear *&$% me boots to look cute"

"I couldn't get a date with the murderer yet I got hit on by a pimp"

"Of course 47lb cock wine was involved"

"pole dancing with an oh so hot soon to be fireman"


Chad said...

"Lindsay and I held hands, screamed and protected one another from the ghouls."

go on...