Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Having a very hard time....

Trying to lay off of training. Ugh, At least the things I am doing are at an easy pace/level and I have no goal or expectations.

Tuesday night - 1 hour of Pilates

Wednesday morning -
30 min easy spin

200 warm up
1 x 100 A-ok
1 x 50 kickboard
1 x 100 fist
1 x 50 kickboard
1 x 100 karate
1 x 50 kickboard
3 x 100 paddles
1 x 50 kickboard
1 x 500
100 cool down with 15 pool wall dips

Total: 1600 yards

Oh man, over a month since I've been in the pool...I was scared I'd forget how to swim! But alas, I didn't and the swim felt great! Funny, this was the first time I have EVER gone to the pool without a swim workout...I just did whatever I was a nice change.

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Rainmaker said...

Isn't that 1600ish yard level awesome? It's just like the perfect amount. Over in well under an hour and it's just eas. Well minues that nasty kickboard stuff you were doing. Homey don't play that game.