Thursday, October 23, 2008

More on life

Sad note: Today I spoke with the head nurse at OHSU. I'm trying to figure out this egg donation thing. After a long talk of my lifestyle and the process that would happen I've opted not to donate. The nurse said that with my weight/ body fat % and regular monthly cycles (which barely exists due to the high amount of exercise) there would be less then a 5% chance of the hormone/fertility growth medication to actually work. She asks all the donors to reduce exercise to light or none at all during this time to help with fertility stimuli. Plus with the amount of training I do the side effects had a high chance of being worse. So blah, although I care I can't share.......this sucks.

I did happen to have a really great day at work. I'm starting to get into the product creation phase for our website. This is so much fun. I get to use my creative technical analytical side to break down athletic apparel. It's amazing how many features and benefits a garment can have.

I've been testing/running in my new Zoot shoes and I have to say I love them. Here's a link
I have the ultra tempo. It provides a minimal amount of stabilization support in a race shoe. First off I've NEVER been able to wear a race shoe. I've always needed some heavy clumpy shoe to help fix my pronation. Either I've improved my run form so much or Zoot make a badass shoe that compensates while staying light. I think it's a little bit of both. I've done 3 runs now in these shoes. First run was a 7 mile hilly run on the roads....worked out ok. Second run was a 6.5 mile tempo on the treadmill. I was nervous about this one, I usually get some kind of leg annoyance on the stupid boring machine, but not in my Zoots. 3rd run was tonight 3 miles sock-less. This also made me nervous. In the past I've been prone to blisters. Zoot has made these shoes with a breathable anti-microbial mesh liner inside, anti friction liner, water drainage holes in the bottom and connected tongue to shoe with quick laces. 3 miles and no blisters. The next test will be a 10k sock-less. I'd like to test these up to a half marathon. I couldn't see doing IM in them but a 10k and possibly a half marathon. They're much lighter and nicer to run/race in then my normal training shoes.

Met up with a friend for an easy 3 mile run to end the evening. It was good times, lots of catching up to be done and sushi to eat after. Mmmm, I <3 sushi!

I'm going to bed now, and my nose is could yet again. Did I mention I didn't defrost from my morning run until 12:30 this afternoon. I HATE being anemic.


DD said...

Just clicked on your blog from and read your post.

I Wanted to thank you for even considering doing a donation.
My wife and I were having some trouble getting pregnant and while we were able to get pregnant it's because of genrous people like you that others have more options.

Thank you,

jtrimom said...

I never did an egg donation, but went through ivf to get pregnant, which requires a lot of the same process, plus is physically very difficult, b/t hormone shots, enlarged ovaries and other uncomfortable side effects, I would have never been able to exercise to the extent that I do now (not even close)...but it is very generous of you to consider donating- I have close friends who used egg donors to get pregnant, and it truly does change families and lives for the better.
Sharon (jtrimom)