Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I have no fear as I stand up tall.
I am confident and strong and with will I write.
My goals and dreams are within sight.

Training recaps

Monday -
75 mins High Z1/low Z2 spin. I flushed out all the lactic build up from the deep tissue massage. No flu symptoms this time around. I think I might be in love with my massage therapist. 
Tuesday -
50 min aqua job - intervals
20 min warm up
1min hard/ 1 min easy x 12
cool down
****Holy Moley!!!***

Swim - 2500 yards
w/u - 1 x 500  buoy

6 x 50 - 25 drill (c/u, finger,fist), 25 free; 15
Main Set
300 - every 4th 25 z3
100k - 10 sec hard/ 20 sec easy
5 x 100 (15r) - build each to z3
100k - 10 sec hard/ 20 sec easy
10 x 50 (10r) - neg split each 
cool down
200 free

Wednesday -
Long aqua run of the week - 1hr 15 min
20 min warm up
tempo - alternating Z3 / Z1-Z2 per song.
***Kicked my a$$!***10 mins of core strengthening before Swim - 2000yards
w/u - 200fr --- 300p ---

3 sets of 4 x 50 (20r)
one set=
1st- breath every stroke one side
2nd- breath every 3rd stroke
3rd- breath every 4th stroke
4th- breath every 5th stroke

500fr- buoy and paddles

200k- 30sec easy, 30sec hard ---
c/d - 200p

I'm a toasted cookie!

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cherelli said...

Dammit, they need a "LIKE" button on blogs.... great work, you rock!