Friday, April 22, 2011

“I'm like a Peacock – You gotta let me Fly!”

Spin - 1:30
45 min low Z2 @ 80-90 rpms
4 x 3 min mid Z3 @ 80-90 rpms /2 min Z2 in between
Finish mid Z2

In the evening I unleashed some stress in the form of laughter watching The Other Guys!
“I'm like a Peacock – You gotta let me Fly!”
“Have you done a Desk Pop today?”
“I was so drunk I thought a tub of toothpaste was astronaut food.”
I can always count on Will Ferrell to cheer me up. And what woman doesn't like looking at “The Rock”? Mmmmm, The Rock.

30 min Z2 aqua run
Followed up with.....swimming!
Warm up
• 1 x 400

Build up (repeat 2 times)
• 1 x 100yd Single Arm (arm out front) 6 x left, 6 x right, 6 x full stroke, rest 0:15 / 100yd
Freestyle using one arm at a time, focusing on shoulder and hip rotation. Complete 6 arm strokes with the left arm then 6 strokes with the right arm followed by 6 strokes using both arms. The non-stroking arm is held out front in a streamlined position.
• 4 x 50yd Freestyle DPS, rest 0:10 / 50yd
Freestyle swim with maximum Distance Per Stroke (DPS). Concentrate on long, efficient strokes and a high streamlined body position to reduce drag in the water. Count your strokes per lap and try to reduce.

• 6 x 100yd 01:35, rest 0:25
• 5 x 100yd 01:35, rest 0:20
• 4 x 100yd 01:35, rest 0:15
• 3 x 100yd 01:35, rest 0:05

Warm down
• 1 x 200 easy
Total yardage – 3000yd
Landed all on 1:34-1:35 except the last two 100s, those ended at 1:35. FYI :05 is NOT a rest!

Had an uber productive day at work creating the new Pearl Izumi F'11 product. The highlight of the day was checking the new Gore 25
th Anniversary cycling kits. DROOLING!

This kit has a ton of bling with top-of-the-line functionality to match! Gore Bike Wear is by far my #1 favorite cycling brand. You can't get better styling, functionality and comfort anywhere else. This being said from a girl who has accessibility to over 50+ cycling brands. But alas..... If I could only keep white....well white.

Post work I hit the gym for 40 mins of full body strength training. I did 2 x 20 reps with :10 rests. All free weights, body weight (but none weight/foot bearing) and cables. Feel the burn baby! 

Tomorrow I'm heading down to San Diego to ride my bike in the sun and get in some quality family time. This time WILL be BETTER then the last.


Brian said...

Have fun in the sun...

nrmrvrk said...

Better than Assos? I don't know about that. Not for men anyway. Definitely less expensive though. I'm jealous of your product access.