Sunday, April 3, 2011

A FOODIE kind of day

I look up at the clock. I look back down at the pool floor. My gaze again goes to the clock. Tik-tok. Tick-tok. It's 6am on a Sunday morning. I wouldn't be dreading my workout if a swim was on the agenda. But today is not a swim day. It is a run day. Not only is it a run day, but it is my long run day. Ugh. The only running I can currently do is non-impact running. I stand there submerged up to my chest in water. In the past when I've aqua ran, I've actually wished I was completely submerged. Never to surface. I have a long lonely run ahead of me. Again I look up at the clock. Tik-tok. Tik-tok. I look down at my hand and see that stupid smilie face looking back at me. :) I hit play on my Mp3 player, press start on my Polar HRM and I'm off! Like a tortoise on race day - with a much higher heart rate.

Aqua run - an hour 15 mins
20 min warm up z1/z2
Tempo'd each song alternating mid Z3 w/ low Z2

Post run I met my momma and my good friend Lauren at Slappy's Pancakes. This establishment has been on my "to-do" list for some time. They offer gluten free alternatives and a griddle in the middle of the table for you to make your own pancake. Lauren had pb batter filled with bananas and topped with creme fresh and a lavender honey (I think). My momma got a gluten free (sharing is caring!) fresh blueberry pancake with traditional maple syrup. I went a little nuts with a gluten free pancake filled with chocolate chips and coconut flakes, topped with peanut butter and maple syrup. Yum! Yum! Aqua running was SOOOOOOO worth this!
After breakfast my momma took me to the NW Food Convention. Here we got to taste all kinds of delectable treats, cheeses, meats and alcohol. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Pinacolda cake

Habanero Sugar
I tasted a black truffle salt from these guys SaltWorks. It was amazing. I'm going to buy different savory salts to start mixing into my malto. The goal is to have one sweet and one savory during training to help fight flavor fatigue on long workouts. 

What girl doesn't love a vast selection of sausages?

Then came the liquor tastings  - Uh Oh
My favorite was the Cherry Bourbon. I was surprised by my 2nd favorite - the Whipped Vodka. It was so light and fluffy. That doesn't make any kind of sense at all.

My momma and I both over indulged in everything. When in

The weekend ended blissfully with a masochistic deep tissue massage. Mmmmm, I <3 my massage therapist.  

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SquirrelHead said...

Those are my kind of pancakes!! I wish I could find a place that served pancakes like that around here. I will have dreams of those peanut butter covered dream clouds.