Friday, April 29, 2011

Back to the daily grind

AM Long run - 75 min aqua run
15 min Z2
high Z3/Low Z2 alternating per song tempo - 1 hr

PM - 45 mins of strength training 
2 x 20 w/10 sec rests
Upper, lower and core with free weights, cables and body weight stabilization.

Thursday - 
AM Bike - 60 min easy low Z2 recovery spin

PM Swim 
1 x 100

1 x 500 TT- 7:37 

Build up (repeat 6 times)
1 x 50yd Zipper, rest 0:10 / 50yd
1 x 50yd catch up

8 x 100yd Freestyle Swim, target time 01:35 / : 20 rest (landed 1:31-1:33)

Warm down
200 easy

Total yardage - 2200

Friday - 
AM Bike 80 mins
Z2 for 30 mins
4 x 5 min mid/high Z3
3 min Z1/Z2 recovery
Finish mid Z2

I made the roomie and I dinner to end the week

Gluten free cheyenne cornbread pancakes topped with red snapper and fruit jalapeno salsa. Washed it all down with a bottle of citrus sangria. 


SquirrelHead said...

You always have the most amazing food. Where do you come up with it? Is there a cookbook out there that I need? Congrats on the PR.

Kit Kat said...

I make most of them up :) I created two cookbooks 4-5 yrs ago I sold for donations.

SquirrelHead said...

I think it might be time to sell it again. The world need excellent food to fuel it along. It makes people happy and healthy.