Friday, June 19, 2009

Taper - It begins

70 min AM spin at Z2 entertained by Lost season 3.
Max watts 185/Avg watts 145

I had intended on swimming this evening but come 4ish I felt like taking a face dive into my keyboard at work. My boss was gracious enough to let us all leave a little bit early, I took well advantage of this and headed home for a nap.

So now I sit here, restless unsure of what to do.
My legs are twitching, it's weird. They're not tired, they're not over worked...I'm experiencing the same RLS I get when I sleep but I'm awake. I really have no motivation to swim tonight, which is probably for the best since I've swam the last two days in a row and technically in a taper. But alas, I might end up at the pool out of boredom. Really, I have other things to do. I have neglected cleaning my house for some time, but who wants to do that? I'm about as undomesticated as one gets....well I'm sure there are worse off. I can't stop eating. I'm pretty sure I'll put on 10 lbs by next week. Why won't my stomach STFU? It doesn't need this much food yet it keeps growling at me as it does. I need a drink, a stiff hard drink, make that two of them.

I gave into temptation and swam

500 warm up

1 x 200 buoy; 10
1 x 200 paddles; 10
2 x 50 - one arm catch up;10
2 x 50 - finger drags; 10
1 x 200 - 50 aok, 50 fist, 50 karate, 50 free

Main Set
1 x 200 - 100 fast & hard/100 easy; 15 (positive split)
1 x 200 - 50 easy/100 fast and hard/ 50 easy; 15 (even split)
1 x 200 - 100 easy/100 fast and hard; 15 (negative split)
repeat 3 times

200 cool down

Total yardage - 3300 yards

I'm recovering with Patron hoping it will make me sleepy sometime soon.
Note to self - no evening naps in the future.

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