Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A long strong day

AM Swim

500 warm up

1 x 250 paddles;15
1 x 250 buoy; 15
repeat 1 x

1 x 50 one arm glide - alternate on the 25;10
2 x 50 catch up 25, return with high elbow finger drag; 10
1 x 200 - 50 A-ok, 50 fist, 50 karate, 50 fast free
**Took a break and talked to some Xterra triathlete. Interesting enough the guy knew and trained with the pros that came to our last tri club meeting. Nice guy.
1 x 50 one arm glide - alternate on the 25;10
2 x 50 catch up 25, return with high elbow finger drag; 10

Main Set
5 x 200's - on the 3:30; hit each one on 3:10 except for the second when I swimming neck and neck with Xterra dude trying to keep up, that one I hit a 3:03 :)

Cool down - 500

Total yardage - 3500

Evening Brick - 90 min spin/Big Ring Intervals - 3 mile transition run

THANKS stupid weatherman for falsely forecasting thunder showers. I opted out of the weekly tri club ride. My bike was set up on the trainer and I didn't have the time to change the tire and drive up to the meeting spot. Normally on hill weeks I ride and driving would have ruined said workout. So I tried to find the positive and turned my interval workout into heat training. When I got home it was 85 with 61% humidity, my apartment was a tad bit cooler inside but that lasted all but 10 minutes.

10 min warm up
4 x 15 big ring intervals - 50-60 cadence 180-210 watts; 5 min recovery floats 130-145 watts.

It only took a warm up for the lake around my trainer to start up. Each interval felt harder then the last as the temperature and my HR soared sky high. I popped salt tabs like candy. The last interval took a lot of self motivation "YOU CAN DOOOOOO IT!"
And somehow I did :) although I think I might have blacked out once or twice :)
My stupid powertap CPU kept giving me data memory full errors. Although it had data stored from the ride it will not download. Grrrrr. I read that the error message means I need to clear the CPU, so I did, we'll see if it works on my recovery spin in the morning. Odd thing is that it only had data from that ride, I'm not sure how it could have been "full"

Post trainer ride I transitioned into my Nike racing flats and ran 3 miles around the hood. By now the heat had cooled off out side and the breeze felt nice. I took the run at a moderate exertion level and finished in 24 min/8:00 pace, avg 162 HR - not bad for a brick in the heat :) Watch out Pac Crest, here I come!

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