Sunday, June 7, 2009

The end to a beginning

My friend Nicole and I rocked an easy 11ish mile run 9/min miles- the waterfront loop and then up, down and all around downtown. I was tired pre run, I was tired post run, but felt GREAT running. Avg HR 145

Alas, the end of a 4 week build - last week 21 hours.
The last week few weeks have shown great progression.

Run - I've been able to run 10-15 mile consistently w/out pain! I was even able to get some tempo work in and push the pace on the trails. All that hellish aqua running has paid off. My efficiency has returned, my GI likes me again and speed is slowly coming along.

Bike - Bike has been good. I've gotten in a few more LSD rides 70+ milers and some threshold pushing tempo work.

Swim - Swim showed progression as hit a 7:50 in a 500y sprint and a 1:06 in a 4k open water.

Bricks - This is where my confidence for IM is building
Running off of every bike is pretty much a given. It's a blue moon when I don't.
Swam an open water 4k meter "race" 10 mins quicker then expected, followed up with a strong 53 mile bike ride - did this after a 2.5 hour trail run the day before.
Biked my 2nd century (94 miles , close enough) alone, ended with a 20 min transitional run - avg/8:30 min/miles - EASY.

My efficiency is showing in each training session. My HR is constantly low. This is so abnormal for me. My HR has always ran on the higher side. I'm recovering quicker then in the past. Oscar my evil head has yet to make an appearance. Life is good.

Today is the start to a beautiful recovery week which ends with my first Oly of the season. Race on!


Anonymous said...

I too ran on the Waterfront (9 miles)... It was a muggy day, and the crowds down by Riverplace were out of control. Fortunately, I was running at about walking pace anyway. ;)
Awesome heartrate--I was a bit slower than you at a 142 avg. I'd be well over 150 at a 9min mile! :)
Happy training.

Jill Costantino said...

Kat - great to see your progression. Woohoo can't wait for your race!!!