Monday, June 15, 2009

Someone has a case of the Monday's

AM Recovery Spin
90 mins in low end Z2 - avg watts 133, avg HR 136

Eh, my body really did not like me this morning. My arms still felt bruised from carrying the table and coffee on Saturday, which was my own fault as my pride clearly got in the way of asking for help. My hamstrings are really tight and sore, this is the result of trying to run fast when you have a short stride and ZERO hamstring flexibility. Today I lack muscular power, which was pretty much to be expected. Spin felt ok. I just started season 3 of Lost and can say that I'm finally getting into it.

I was going to swim tonight BUT my legs are tired and I'm mentally drained (take that as you will). Instead I took care of things around the house that have been neglected.

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Cameron said...

Speaking of Mondays, this is hilarious! Language is not safe for work...

Congrats on your Olympic, nice times!