Saturday, June 6, 2009

Taken it easy :)

The plan - Century Ride alone with 4800ft of elevation gain

What actually happened - 94 mile ride with 2500 ft of elevation gain followed up with a 20 min/2.5 mil run

*I stayed out a little too late and had a little too much fun at the 80's prom (pics to follow!)
*Woke up this morning with tired legs. My calves ached, I shouldn't have danced/hoped around like the energizer bunny the night before! Oh well, I had so much fun! It was well worth it.
*Coffee, english muffin, Cheerios - check
*Stretched out my body with pilates and then Carnage and I headed out for a very long ride - just the two of us. *music* Just the two of us*
*As I start to ride out of the driveway I realize I left the malto in the house, that would have been VERY bad.
*My first climb starts 2-3 miles in. I'm surrounded my freaking hills! I took it easy and just spun it out. I felt bad when I passed a few out of shape men struggling to get up the hill. My HR never got above 155 of that hill :)
*Reached Skyline, took it to Newberry down to Hwy 30. I freaking hate descending, and Newberry is one scary B%$#$
*Now this is where my "plan" changed. It started to rain along Hwy 30 and I made the amateur move of not dressing adequately. I have all the gear to ride in the rain, there was no excuse but stupidity for this. I decided once I hit the Fred Meyer (self made aid station water fill up ) I would turn around and do loops around Sauvies. If it continued to rain I could cut the ride short, but if it stopped I could just get my mileage in at on Sauvie's Island. I would be better off with that option as I would be closer to town and if the rain started dumping down I would have phone reception to call someone to save me. I turned back around and headed out to Sauvie's Island - thanks Paul for the recommendation.
*4 loops around Sauvies. It wasn't all the bad. If I can handle 4 hours in doors on a bike trainer I can easily handle monotonous loops. I tucked down into aero and got comfortable for the next couple hours.
*The wind was kind today - for the most part. By loop 4 the wind had picked up and was hitting me from the side. It felt as if there was a ghost trying to push me over.
*%#$%^#% Bottle launch!
*Once I got my 4 loops in it was time to make my way back home. Ugh, up and over the west hills.
*Mile 85 and I start to ascent the B^%#% that is called Germantown Rd. I shifted in the small ring and spun up it. Even in my easiest gear I was still pushing 200-240 watts for the 2.3 mile climb. Thankfully I took my GU Roctane 10 minutes before I started climbing, it fueled this little rocket!
*Climbing at 6 mph is depressing
*I swear the same ghost that tried to push me over on Sauvie's Island was trying to push me backwards climbing Germantown - 4 mph 210 watts?! You MUST be kidding me!
*Riiiiiiiiiccccccooooooolllllllaaaaaa! I reached the top! :D Only to hit more rollers on Skyline.
*Descended down Springville home - feeling good.

Power Data
94 miles / 5hrs 38 mins - I have a lot of work to do to try to break 6 hours at IM. Not sure if it is within my realm.
Max watts 382/ Avg watts 136 - the avg is on point for my last century. This is good info to have
Max HR 165 (this was on Germantown, 165 is NOT high for me yet it was such a struggle to climb that damn road!)/ Avg HR 134 - this us uber low. My HR was low for the duration of the ride. I had to check myself a few time to make sure my HR strap was working right.

My legs never really hurt. My nutrition was on point. Energy was a bit lackluster throughout the ride. I think the fact that this was the last day of my 4 week build and I ended on 21 hours had something to do with it. Plus I may have had one too many glasses of red wine last night. Good for the heart is all in moderation I suppose.

Anywho, I got off the bike feeling pretty good, so I threw on my kicks and headed out for an easy transition run. I was surprised at how good it felt to run! I was really happy to be off of Carnage. This run was much more successful then my last attempt at running after a century. Ha! Last year I had a spectacular eruption of vomit 10 minutes in. Ick! This time around energy and tummy was happy. HR was still really low on the run. I ran easy for 20 minutes - 2.4 miles 8:30 pace - Avg HR 154

Now, off to spend time with good friends and good food. Au Revoir!

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