Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yogi Bear

I went back to Bikham Yoga Friday night after 4-5 weeks off. Oy! Part of me was dreading it while the other part was looking forward to it. I knew my poses wouldn't be complete and I'd suffer craptastic DOMS. The mental and flexibility benefits were worth it. I went in realistic - my glass was half full. To my surprise my glass was 3/4 full! I accomplished all of the standing floor series 100% without losing strength and falling out. I think this was a first!

The easiest standing floor pose has to be The Eagle or Guradasana. The hardest is the Toe Stand or Padangustasana. Thus far I've only been able to balance on the floor on one leg, one hand touching. I'd like to be able to complete the pose one day.
On we went to the floor series. I don't know why but I always feel like this series should be easier or less difficult than the standing series, but it never is. The only pose I'm able to not execute is the Half Tortoise Pose -Ardha Kurmasana. That's usually a 50/50 for me. Sometimes my knees and ankles b**** so I don't even attempt it. This was one of those times. With 2 poses left to the end I lay in Savasana and pray for it to be over. My breathing is deep and fast and I'm laying in a (WO)man made lake. Ewwwww. Breathe Kat Breathe. Alas it is over and I reap the benefits of my effort.
Here's a great run down of the poses

I started Bikram Yoga during the off season to help with my flexibility and autoimmune issues. I was surprised at how much more it has helped over time. Not only am I able to turn myself into a backward pretzel but my mental state is much clearer and focused. I can go into class completely stressed out and leave floating on a cloud.
Who would have thought an such un-coordinated, inflexible, clumsy girl could pull this off? I've really come to love Bikram Yoga.

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