Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call?


I swear a family of phlegm is using my lungs as a hostel. That or I've recently been on an episode of "You Can't Do That On Television" and I've been slimed. My easy recovery spin was mind numbingly boring. It wouldn't have been so bad if my breaths weren't so short. Not short like I was exhausting actual effort as my HR sat around a comfortable 135. Short from the phlegm monsters multiplying surround my lungs like they were at war for territory. David Blaine's magic tricks kept me somewhat entertained and provoked a smile here and there.

The slime grew as the day went on.....I was stuck in the movie Ghostbusters. Instead of pink slime mine was green. Environmental, eh?

I managed to go to the pool in the evening. Probably shouldn't have but we all know 24hr Fitness doesn't like swimmers. So this swim I decided to give back to the great hospitality that 24hr has given me. I think my body position was awesome! My lungs felt like they were weighed down by a bowling ball. Great! Chest down, legs up. Inhaling pretty much sucked. But what is better than swimming with a heavy chest? Aqua running! Oh yea! I got to do 30 minutes running up and down the pool lane with a few z3/z4 pick ups. My chest lit up like a f***ing inferno....which was exactly what I needed to starting breaking down the wall in my lungs. Burning.....but I could breathe by the end :)

As much as I b**** about how much my training today sucked it sure as hell beats sitting on the sofa in a ball of snot.


cherelli said...

Yay! Kit Kat is back. Happy New Year -I hope 2011 is waaaay better than small step at a time, you'll be back on your racing mountain....

Rainmaker said...

Happy New Year, and glad you were able to get back into the 24hr pool (yes, I agree, always a fiasco), and cause a ruckas....even if it was to your own lungs. ;)