Saturday, January 8, 2011


Is what my room mate calls me. Is this a compliment or an insult?

I have been sick now for 3 1/2 weeks. I thought I had fought and won the battle last week as I was feeling mucho better. Then Tuesday came and I found myself with an annoying throat tickle which turned into a nasty cough. After 3 nights in a row on no more than 2 hours of solid sleep due to coughing fits I decided it was time to go to urgent care.

I dragged my ass out of bed around 7am. Oh, I was in a state of confusion. I contemplated getting my bike w/o in first. I quickly dropped that thought when I almost fell over from coughing while making the morning coffee. Ugh...cream. Black it is today. I get online and was happy to see urgent care didn't open until 10am. I needed the extra time to pull myself together to drive.

Hungover from NyQuil is the perfect state to deal with bulk style grocery shopping. It didn't really bother me that parents let their children run around like wild animals at the zoo eating candy out of the bulk bins. Gross! Nothing really bothered me. I was pretty numb. My trip took a little longer then expected. I always read nutritional labels when shopping. In my doped up state it took much longer to read and cypher through what was good and what was toxic. Alas I made it home, on my magic carpet.

I left for the hospital about an hour early. Saturday morning urgent care had to be busy.
I take ticket number 41 and was told to grab a seat. I was the first one there that I knew of and number 41 threw me for a mind****. I really didn't want to wait behind 40 people. And where were these so called 40 people? Anywho...I sit criss-cross apple sauce style in front of a color blocked puzzle/toy thing-a-ma-jig

The nurse comes over and asks me if I'm number 41 and then says that I am first. There were a few elderly people and children behind me and she wanted to know if I'd be ok with letting them go ahead of me. My first thought was no. I got there early because I knew there'd be a big line. Then I thought about how craptastic the children felt AND that if I was old I'd already spent a lifetime waiting in line. Plus I had this puzzle thing to entertain me, so I let them go in ahead and I continued to color block.

Eventually I got called up and sat alone in a cold, bright room waiting for the designated doc. I opted to count all the holes in the ceiling. I counted 3/4 of the ceiling before the doc came in. Quick stats and questions resulted in a sinus infection. Ugh. I'm prone to these and usually know from the massive pounding going on in my head that I have one before it ever gets this bad. I've been taking big doses of Ibuprofen daily to deal with my RA (an alternative to nasty steroids). This resulted in keeping a fever and headache away. The infection was an aftermath of the cold I had a couple of weeks prior. Ugh, Can't someone break me off a piece of a Kit Kat bar? I got a mass of prescriptions filled and headed home. The doc even gave me a surgical mask so that I could still prep all my food for the week. Sweet!

Once I got home I immediatly took all that was given. Suped up Sudafed, Robitussin w/codeine and antibiotics. Oh Alice fell down the hole and Wonderland was delightful. I'm lucky I'm drugged up because I'm being forced to take a couple of days off from training. I can't lose sanity if sanity is not present, right?

The rest of the day I found comfort in organizing and cleaning. Yes, this is proof that I am sick as normally you couldn't pay me to pick up a broom. I utilized my surgeon mask and made a delightful peanut Thai chicken dish for dinner.

I made it spicy as all hell so that I could taste it.

Tomorrow I look forward to another day of cleaning and organizing. These words should be quoted as I may never say them again.


tim said...

Yay for blogging again!

cherelli said...

Mmm yum, spicy Thai dish to clean out sinuses...bummer dude on still being sick. Yay for an opportunity (or reaching a moment of such frustration) that the house gets cleaned...