Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thank you Vitamin D

It was one of those days......amazing that is!

It started off right with my roommate, some Kona peaberry coffee, blueberry oat (gluten free) waffles and my favorite meat of choice -
After properly fueled we headed down stairs to attack the task at hand.....minimize crap.

This took us down to the basement where I stumbled upon 10-20 years worth of s***. Not all of it was s***, just 80%. I learned something about myself today. I am a huge pack rat.
YUP. That's a 12yr old Salted Nut Roll. Hehe - who wouldn't hold on to a salted nut roll?
Eh, I need to change my pack rat ways. As I was rummaging through all of the boxes I came across stories I wrote many moons ago. Apparently my writing starting when I was a kid and I would fantasize about shoes going on dates and murder mysteries. Oh my! I had an imagination. Not only did I write but I painted, colored and drew lots of pictures. These are all things I found myself doing this summer when I couldn't train. When we're stripped of what we've come to know we go back to our roots, right?
And I found this picture!

Yes! I was a fat kid. I suppose Snickers and Slurpee's are not a breakfast for champions.
I also found these

I had a few first place swim meet ribbons. Maybe if I got fat again I'd be a better swimmer!
A couple hours later and I got rid of boxes and boxes of crap. That stuff only weighs you down, right?

Thankfully Sunny-D-ecided to bless the Oregon skies and I got an afternoon bike ride in the sun! I have not been outside on my bike OR on a ride of 2 hours for 6-8 weeks. Ooooooweeee It was a good one. I wish the sun would say Hi a little more often.

Post ride I indulged in some good 'ol masochism. Mmmmm, a deep tissue massage. I have a great therapist who turns into the Incredible Hulk as soon as I lay over on my back. She's such a tiny girl I don't know how she inflicts a whirlwind of pain. I think she climbs up the side of the wall like a ninja and suspends all of her body weight in her elbow which pulverizes my lats. If Bikram's Yoga didn't hurt me this sure as hell will. Tomorrow will be a "tri'ing" day to say the least.

What's a Saturday night without a good ending?

Guesses on my poison of choice?


n8 soul said...

Ah basking in the sun rays the exact reason I left Vancouver Wa for Cali, that picture is so damn cute and would explain the salty nut role, wonder the shelflife? as for the tini im going with cosmo :)

Kit Kat said...

You sir are incorrect.

n8 soul said...

i need a hint, fruity or not?

Kit Kat said...

garnished with fruit

n8 soul said...

Courvoisier, Champagne, Cointreau and Pomegranate Juice?

Kit Kat said...

Nope. Fruit garnish silly, not mixer. :)

n8 soul said...

hmmm we've not been to the bar so i dont have a reverence point, your not a cosmo girl so maybe manhatten and jack daniels with blackberry garnish. i give, i should probably get used to you winning! hey check my blog for a post i need ur feedback.

Kit Kat said...

Manhattan w/ Makers Mark and a cherry for garnish :)