Monday, January 10, 2011

Bad TV

My momma saved me on Sunday. She graciously spent the day with her comatose daughter. The highlight and event of the day? Going out to eat for soup and gluten free sandwiches. Oh yea, we live life on the edge. The rest of the day was spent watching really, really and I mean REALLy bad TV. First we watched the end of The Flinstones. Next was The Cat In The Hat. I actually enjoyed this. Then again I was on my second douse of codeine for the day. Plus I've always had an odd crush on Alec Baldwin. The original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory came next. Which in my opinion is the one exception of good TV for the day. Jean Wilder is a hoot. I really want an orange oompa loompa....kind of like a pet. Is that discrimination? My favorite part of that movie is when Violet turns into a blueberry. I've always been afraid I would turn into what I eat. There is some truth to that, ya know? I would have been axed in the bubble chamber. With my inability to make myself burp I would have chopped up like chop-suey by the fans in the ceiling. Now that I think about it that movie is rather frightful.

I saved my new found guilty pleasure until my mom left - The Jersey Shore. Yes I did catch the boat too late for this one. I'm ok with that because I'm still ashamed to say I've watched it. My room mate first tried to turn me onto it a few months ago. She DVR'd a few episodes and suggested I see what all the talk was about. I think I made it through maybe 15 mins? It was disgusting, disgusting and disturbing. Do people really act like that? I left it alone for a couple months. Then one day I was on JetBlue swapping through channels. Stuck on a plane bored out of my mind I decided to give it another try. Somehow I became intrigued. I think I'm just amazed that people like this exist. The next few times I watched it I was under the alcohol influence and couldn't look away. It was like a bad train wreck. I had to keep watching. So alas....doped up on Sudafed and Codeine I turned toThe Jersey Shore to kill of a few more brain cells. When I first thought to write about this show and the characters only insults filled the page. I can't just insult people. I mean they are human right? Maybe? Anywho, I think that would bring me to their level. But I have to ask.....When is it ok to show your undergarments or private areas to strangers at the club? Or on live TV none the less? And how can you be a man and generalize and insult all women whom you make contact with? Which one is going to get skin cancer first? Or how many have STDs? I am rather amused how they get mad at one another for being fake. Fake, really? How do these people live with God-like complex's? Did MTV cancel this series or is it still on?
Oy! I need more drugs....

On a positive note my sinuses are better today - Monday. I'm no longer taking the cough syrup w/codeine and my antibiotics are clearing up my head. My body on the other hand is turning on me. Three days of doing nothing, just sitting is making my fibro very pissed off. This morning was a struggle. I hurt for most of the day. I'm still supposed to lay off the cardio so I came home and did Pilates. Which were very hard but I think helped. Tomorrow I have an easy spin and easy run. I hope to feel back to normal sooner than later.....I can only take so much of bad TV. :)