Thursday, January 20, 2011

Small accomplishments

Tuesday I had my swim stroke reviewed. I swam 500y and was pretty easy to spot the error of my ways. After watching it on video I was a little astounded that I wasn't in pain from my jacked up stroke. It looked like my right arm was doing the breast stroke once it hit the water WTF?! was I thinking? It looked like I was reaching out to touch someone. Wow! Ok. I need to work on that. I was given a few drills to do to correct the "wide one armed stance".

Wednesday night I ran by the moonlight w/my coach. This was the most invigorating, stimulating, and confidence boosting workout I've had in months. I've been limited to running on flats at *said* pace for sometime now. I completely understand and respect the logic behind this. But that's not to say it didn't get boring *YAWN* Wednesday we ran at a nice clip (for what I'm used to that is) maintaining comfortable conversation for the duration of the 6 mile run. I didn't pay much attention to my Garmin until after the run. We finished :10-:30 faster per avg mile then what I've been running at yet the perceived effort seemed about the same. My HR on the other hand was jacked up to 175-180avg. PE is a funny thing. Most people would feel exhausting effort at that high of a HR. But then again I ran a marathon with a 180 run HR is high. It is what it is. I'm sure the mid 30 temperature didn't help much in that department either.
I finally found a way around running in the cold. I've been avoiding it, sticking to the dreaded treadmill for the last couple months. My Reynaud's gets so bad I can't feel my feet. When I can't feel my feet when I run I can't feel the ground, which means my form turns to shizzit. And this is something I can not afford to f*** around with. A friend of mine suffers from the same condition and recommended I put Little Hotties on my toes 30 mins before I go out to run in the cold. I put on my thickest pair of Smartwool socks, the Little Hotties and stepped out into the frigid air. My toes got cold but they never went numb. After 10 minutes of running they were warm and stayed warm throughout the entire run. Yay!

A short recap - I found a way to productively run in the cold. My confidence was boosted as I was able to comfortably run faster at moderate effort with no pain during or after.

This evening I had my next swim w/o. I focused on my keeping my right arm closer in. Damn, I think that w/o was more challenging mentally than physically. I had to focus so much and when I'd loose it my right arm would wander again. They say habits are hard to break. It's just something I'll have to keep focusing on. The good news is that my 200s decreased in time by 7-9 secs, 100s decreased by 5-6 secs and 50s by 3-4. Hmmmm, if I can fix this little oddity in my stroke I may actually become a decent swimmer. This calls for another round of "YaY's"!

I swam in my first one piece swimsuit since I was a kid tonight. For the most part I dislike one pieces. I usually feel like the straps dig into my shoulders thus causing pain and annoyance. My torso is a fair bit long relative to my height and two piece suits have always had a non-constrictive comfortable feel. TYR has a new style one piece suit - the Rockstar with a Thin X-Back that I wanted to try out. When I originally put the suit on I thought it was too small. I really had to stretch the thing to get it over my shoulders. But once in the the water the fabric relaxed just enough to create a perfect fit. The thin, open straps gave great freedom of movement. I never felt restricted. Made with durable rubber straps and a poly blend I know it's going to last.
I give it 5 stars for us long torso girls.

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