Sunday, December 6, 2009

I've been lagging

On the blogging

Friday - 2nd day off this week!

Saturday - 4 hr lsd run on Wildwood/just shy of 23 miles.
This was NOT a highlight run which really too bad because I had great company for the duration.
Tummy inflicted great furry as I had to make 4 painful stops :( eh, that's enough detail. I rolled an "iffy" ankle twice. The first time was not so bad, the second time was. The cold was terribly painful. Each time I had to make a "stop" my HR would drop and I'd loose feeling to my hands. Well actually it would start with numbness and move on to what felt like someone hitting my finger tips with a hammer. Ouch. It would take another 10-15 minutes of running to get my core temp up high enough to transfer into my extremities. Oh the humanity! My only saving grace was having Brian and Joe to run with at the end. Having great company in a crap-tastic (pun intended) workout can be the silver lining.
We recovered post run with burgers/tots and drinks. I went for a bourbon furance - hot cider, bourbon and cinnamon. Slowly I defrosted. Only to become frozen and numb again with a painstaking ice bath. Hot, cold, hot, cold - the story of my life. Post bath I used the foam roller and the evil little trigger point ball. I swear I'm a glutton for punishment. Recovery was rounded off with a blissful 45 min slumber.

I have a holiday tradition of visiting The Grotto, this year I asked my new room mate Jessie to come with. It was such a great night for the viewing, clear, crisp and cold. The Grotto is always special for me, it really makes me appreciative for all that I have.

Here are a few misc pictures
Jessie and I
You got me - I thought the flower was real :)
Snowflakes on the sidewalk

Sunday - Was much needed R & R
Upon waking I was not in good shape. Getting out of bed was a bitch, walking was worse. I was now experiencing planter fasciitis. Really? This must be some kind of evil joke. I managed my training/duration and intensities well. There was really nothing I could due about the rollin ankle. #%$^#$@%. The strategy now is not run until my 30 miler this Sat and *hope* it's enough. I'm takin vitamin "I" like it's the "new drug" and icing and using trigger point every couple of hours. I know what it takes to beat this and I will WIN damnit, yes I will.

It is amazing what I get accomplished on a rest day. Started off with eggnog pancakes and bacon with my kick ass room mate. Tackled some grocery and holiday shopping. Spent a little time enjoying being a girl and pampered myself. Listed to Bad Santa on repeat - "Are you saying there's something wrong with my fuck stick?" Ahahahahahahaha! Baked a lasagna, apple crisp and my oh-so famous peppermint bark.

Mom came over and gave her seal of approval on all the food. If I didn't "tri" so much I'm pretty such I could give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

It's that time of year again! All a girl needs for Christmas - maybe this year I'll finally get one!


*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

You are ready for 30 miles!!.I promise you.

I also suffer from "too many stops" when running..its awful.Cutting out wheat the prior 2 days of my "long" runs 7 "races" helped...I stick with potatos.

BigBork said...

Umm...ya...that bark looks Yummy!!! Would you mind passing on the recipe Marth Kit Kat?