Thursday, December 10, 2009

I want to fly like an eagle

AM Swim

1 x 500 warm up

40x50 Main Set
• 16x50 as 1 Fast, 3 Steady (x4); all on 5s rest
• 12x50 as 1 Fast, 2 Steady (x4); all on 10s rest
W/ Paddles
• 8x50 as 1 Fast, 1 Steady (x4); all on 15s rest
• 4x50 as all Fast; all on 20s rest - ;40, 40, 41, 40 :) - consistency is good. My avg 100's are between 1:30-1:32. I really don't have much variance in speed between 50s, 100s, 200s and 500s. I think this is an example of my lack of efficiency. I have power, I just need help allocating it. Why can't I swim as I can dance? Hmmmm. Anywho, it was good to hit 40s, that would put me at 1:20s. I credit the speed to the force with the paddles. I felt like a suped up windmill.

Cool Down
1 x 300

Total yardage = 2800 yards

So this is it....tomorrow I'll rest and then come Saturday I'll get to do what I've been training to do - Run my birthday age (or just a tad bit more :)). I've given myself 3 rest days this week and limited my workouts to one a day 60-75 mins. I haven't ran since last Saturday's 4 hour run. The signs of planter are gone 2 days now. There's a small chance I nipped it in the bud, but I'm expecting it to return after Saturday's run. The weather forecast looks crap-tastic. Below freezing with possible rain/snow. Awesome! I'm not concerned about running in the cold/snow - I've done it before, it's not that bad. I am a little scared of driving up to the trail. It's about 1000ft higher in elevation and the road has lots of curves. I'm such a pussy when in to comes to driving in icy, snowy conditions.
The rest days have been much needed. I now have the "itch". Nooooo, not that "itch" the good "itch" :) I'm ready to go, I'm ready to do this. I want to run. I want to fly like an eagle! I am so F^&$ing excited I can barely contain myself. I am blessed to have sooooo many friends join me on this adventure. I am a very lucky and grateful woman.


Antonio Lay said...

good practice, luck in your new adventure, and not spend a lot of cold, jajajajaja.

borja said...

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