Wednesday, December 2, 2009

28 degrees!

Was the temp on my morning run. My core and extremities stayed warm since I dressed face on the hand is another story. I swore mid way through my nose fell off. I had to keep blowing snot rocks just to make sure somethin' was still there. The wind wasn't helping anything and made my eyes glassy and red. I managed to put out 3 loops around the Nike bark chip trail. The first lap was done in darkness and pretty much sucked. My joints hurt. I'm sure it was the cold. The second lap was better than the first. It was pretty cool to see the sun come up in the east and the moon go down in the west simultaneously. The moon was HUGE and bright. Last night it was full. From what I hear we'll have two full moons this month. The next should land on the 30th or 31st and is supposed to be blue. Hmmmmm, NYE, I can't help to think this has a meaning behind it. Anywho, back to the run. The third loop actually kicked ass. My joints had stopped hurting and my movement felt fluid. The sky was bight with light. My "special" friend ran laps around my head as I crossed the wooden bridges. I ended my run chashing the moon down. The moon won.

Evening spin - 60 mins "easy" avg watts 141
Ha! Easy! It should have been but I let my calories slip today and the deficiency played a toll on my energy. Eh. I tried to keep my mind positive rappin the spin away to Salt N Pepa's Push It, Snoop Dogg's G Thang and Eminem's Role Model. You know you've got some skills if you can rap in the aero position. Try it!

BTW - yesterday was the first FULL off day I had in a month. I felt lazy and lethargic. I hate off days.

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