Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hell has officially frozen over

Could it have been from Jack Frost's visit last week?
Could it be the lease on the ice box is up? The one that has kept my heart chilled for the last few years? Someone could have stolen my frozen chamber and used it to freeze hell over.
I'll put my money on the second of the my heart has finally defrosted and beats once again.

They say "Whatever Happens In Vegas Stays in Vegas". But what happens when Vegas ends up coming home with you? What are the Ironman odds at a Vegas nightclub, 10+ drinks in? Luck be a lady tonight!

I lost my slipper and it was replaced with a brightly colored Newton Running shoe.

Good morning, good night,
Ride home safe and have a safe flight.
Simple words that enlighten each day....miles, miles and miles away.

Something is happening, something I can't explain is growing. No, I'm not referring to a third limb...although I do think that would be neato.

For the last 3-4 years I perfected a fine tuned machine, able to shut off any feelings that one might form when interested in another person. I turned my focus into career and hobby (IE fund raising and triathlon) development. I now have what I consider a "dream" career. I've raised over 10k in cancer research and think I perform well in the sport of triathlon.

And alas I have met someone that fits the my bill!
Someone that doesn't tell me what to do, yet challenges my ideas
Someone that makes me want to put him in front of me - wow, did I just say that?
Someone that accepts my aches and pains, compression garments and OCDness
Someone that can eat an entire cheesecake with me and not worry about gaining weight....because we will be running for hours tomorrow :)
Someone who makes me smile when all I want to do is cry
Someone who will race me....and if need be, drop me.
Now it is time to address the area in my life that I have avoided and built a wall around.

I have no poker face, my cards lie face up . I'm open, vulnerable and could get devoured by an eagle. I've come to accept it. It's a risk I'm willing to take. Nothing good comes without risk, right? I figure my odds are pretty good on this. Win, win baby. Either it's the "right" thing and we will make one another better (ie Work it harder, Make it better, Move it FASTER, Make US Stronger :)), or I'll get dumped on my ass and left broken hearted...which will just turn me into a vicious athlete racing out of pain.

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El Lay. said...

We must take advantage of everything good in life, the bad comes only commits that pie and enjoy the moment. Who knows whether those with the opportunity of a lifetime.