Monday, December 7, 2009

I Walk The Line

Walk the Line/ The Ring of Fire, it's all the same. Such a fine training - peaking/hitting the wall and injury. In relationships with family, friends and the "other". Can I be candid?

*Why does Facebook advertise Hot Single Moms on my page?
*I walk on my tip toes and strike on my forefoot, yet I am open and upfront. Can someone explain this?
*This tin (WO)man finally grew a heart, yet it still needs a lot of oil
*After a full day of not feeling my face, hands or feet I'm ready to tell Jack Frost to go F^&$ himself. Oh joy, tomorrow we're looking at a high of freezing with a low of 17!
*Apparently the cookie monster doesn't eat cookies anymore, what is this world coming to?
*Still waiting on that "magic carpet ride".
*Do you realize how much each person has in common with another? We may be different but when you break down the basics we're all much a like.
*I think I may be the woman looking forward to aging up to the 30s. With my discipline age = speed baby.
*Sometimes I think it's ok live in a fairy tale world, then reality hits...and it is what it is.

I'm going to continue my walk along the line of fire, we'll where it gets me.

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