Friday, February 22, 2008

The Thursday easy Triple

Lunch – 60 min Pilates. Every time I do these I am amazed at how hard my body work while keeping my heart rate so low. My core is sore today, it’s a good sore.

Evening Run-
1 mile track warm up
20 min drills
200 leaps / 200 recover jog x 4
25 step a$$ kickers/ 50 recover jog x 4
30 skips /200 recover jog x 4
30 side leaps / 200 recover jog x 4
25 step high knee/ 100 recover jog x 4
5 min stretch
30 min run up Twilliger (hilly)
.5 mile cool down on track
Approx 6 miles

My stupid Ipod I bought Ebay won’t keep power. $@$#&^%^& First time I have bought something defective from there. Pisses me off. $50 is not enough trouble for me to mail it back and get another….plus I have to wait for the shipping and what not. I’m going to have to go buy another soon. Blah. But on a good note I ran up Twilliger w/out Ipod and had an amazing run. All I heard was the sound of cars, my feet hitting the ground and thoughts racing through my head. It was a highly enjoyable run.

Post run I met the team for swim practice. I wasn’t too thrilled with the swim last night. I’m the second group to start and the first group (beginners) always stay in the water too long and take up our time. I don’t think I got in the water until 7:50, with only 40 mins of swimming. The first 15 minutes were taken up with sculling demos. WTF? Seriously, I wanted and needed to swim. The demo’s were helpful but still, we only had 20 mins of actual swim time left.
Here is what I was actually able to do….blah…I’m so happy I swim on my own once a week.

Warm-up, 200 meters
Demo~ sculling
some 25s sculling...
2 x 25s, tread water in between the 25s for 10 sec. Rest :15 after both.
2 x 50 negative split (= 2nd 25 faster than the 1st), rest :20 between each
Swim set 3 times.
1 x 150 swim with breathing pattern by 25s: every 3 strokes, 4, 5, & a 50 your choice.
Total mtrs:

After work I have a 75 easy/moderate spin at the gym……then I’m going to a Pure Romance Pleasure Party…fund raiser, 20% of sales go to the LLS. Woot! Woot! Kat’s going to get some new toys : )

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