Monday, February 18, 2008

Great friends, food, training and fun…..

I had an amazing weekend. After the Saturday bike ride I enjoyed breakfast with the team where we all bonded and brainstormed about fund raising. Good productive fun. Post breakfast/lunch I headed over to the tri expo at Fit Right. Listened in on ½ of a triathlon seminar hosted by Mark Kendall of Speed Shot Racing. It was a good seminar, most of the info I already knew and my tummy was growling mid way through so I bailed. Spent another hour or so at the PDX tri club tent promoting the club, trying to get new members and talking with cool tri peps from the community. We're all a bunch of crazy nuts, I happen to be an almond. What that means I don't know. I'm writing this up after a few hours of sleep and a little high off of life, so it might not all make sense. So be it :P Anywho, I had to leave the tri tent early so I could head out to The Dalles with Michele & Johann. Michele has become like a big sister to me. I <3 that women. Once we got up to The Dalles we met up with two of their friends and we spent the night BBQ'ing (yes I finally did get that bloody juicy steak, OMG it was delicious and well over due) enjoying fine wine, hot tubing and engaging in stimulating conversation.
Sunday morning Carly (team mate) got to the house around 8:30 and Johann, Michele and Carly all went out for a bike ride. I opted to go for a run since that is my focus at this point. I ran an easy 70 mins. It was clear and brisk with frost still on the ground. Johann said the run was pretty flat…flat my ass…, which happens not to be flat but the run, was. 1 monster hill, which thankfully I ran down during the end of mile 2, so I know what I'd be running back up. Then I ran around Hwy 141, which IMO was not safe at all. The shoulder wasn't that big and the road was curvy and again hilly. I don't know what he was thinking of when he said this course was flat. %^%$$%. Back up the hill I went and onward back to the house. Beautiful day, great run. Carly and Michele arrived back shortly and 2 more team mates showed up. We then went to a coffee shop to meet up with 4 more team members, and then we all made it up to a trailhead where I got in another 70 min run. This run was not so great. First time in months I have had digestive issues during my run. Ugh, it sucked! I was good for the first 35 minutes out, the way back was another story. I was able to run oh say maybe 800-1200 meters before I'd have to stop and walk the cramps out. It was horrific. The whole time I'm cursing like a fricking sailor. Do you know how bad it sucks to walk? You move soooooo slow. I felt like a turtle, yet running made my tummy feel like I was a blender, not a good thing. Somehow I made it back to the start in one piece…thank God. Walking added another 5 mins to my time on the way back. I got in a total 15-16 miles with both runs combined. I was happy I got the mileage in and one out of two runs went well. In the last 7 days I ran 4 days, 2 with doubles and only one high intensity bringing my total mileage to 33.5 for the week. I'm happy with that.
Post run we all headed back to Michele and Johann's for another BBQ, LOTS of drinking, hot tubbin and some wild and crazy dancing. All I can say is "Damn triathlete's have hot bodies." Too bad I don't shit where I eat. Team mates in bikini's and towels bbq'ing and making dinner….mmm….mmmm.. good. I have had more beef this weekend then I have in the last 6 months. Ok, pick your mind up out of the gutter ;) I had BBQ Ribeye Sat night and BBQ Cheeseburger Sunday……it was all delicious. I think I got my sugar in for the week too. I had one too many Geridellhi caramel chocolates, homemade chocolate chip cookies and home made caramels. Beautiful bodies, delicious food, LMAO conversation, time spent training….I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

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