Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday I did an easy L1-L2 right out along Marine Drive with some team mates. I think we had a group of 10-13. My body was uber sore from the fall of Saturday. My knees hurt pedaling on the bike, I swear each stroke tore any kind of scab that was forming. The wind and air also hurt my cuts and my eye was black and swoll as fuck. Somehow I moved forward and didn't let it impact me much. Marine Drive is a pretty flat ride but the head wind can be a bitch. Usually it doesn't hit us until coming back, yesterday it started at the begining. Riding out I pushed an L2 avg'ing 16-18 mph. It was hard fighting the wind, a few of us pacelined to allow recovery. Coming back was any easy 21-24 avg with out pacelining and a high cadence around 90-92. We ended at feel good 28 miles.

It's kind of weird. I trained the last 6 days in a row....multi sport with a lot of focus on running (36 miles wk total), a bit of partying and a decent sized injury/cuts and bruises. YET today is my recovery day and I feel fine. I mean my cuts hurt but my muscles feel good and my energy levels are really high. I think I'm managing my intensity much better, this makes me happy

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