Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursdays are my Favorites

60 min lunch time Pilates –
It still amazes me on how hard this shiznit is. My muscles are really freaking tight and the flexibility is difficult. Every time we have to lift our legs in the air my hamstrings are yelling “NO, Not again! What are you doing to us!?” Then we have some kind of knee dip from laying on our sides that works the glutes and OMG, these are intense. After we do these she has us smack our butts. Lol, which feels good because they’re so tight from the moves but it’s really weird to have a group of people smacking their asses. I hate the leg work but love the core work. I’ve learned that in more of my training I build some kind of love hate relationship, maybe that’s why I keep going back for more. Thanks to Cathy I had visions Wentworth Miller from Prision Break during the whole freaking class. Stretch, reach, hold, * Wentworth Miller*, release :P

Evening Track & Run
60 mins.
Evening Run-
1 mile track warm up
20 min drills
200 leaps / 200 recover jog x 4
25 step a$$ kickers/ 50 recover jog x 4
30 skips /200 recover jog x 4
30 side leaps / 200 recover jog x 4
25 step high knee/ 100 recover jog x 4
5 min stretch
30 min run up Twilliger (hilly)
.5 mile cool down on track
Approx 6.5 miles

The run felt REALLY good. I have a ton of BS going on in my life and it is causing a lot of stress. As I was driving to the track I felt really angry. I was angry at the rent situation at my apartment. I don’t understand why people can’t have common respect. Even if you don’t freaking respect me respect yourself enough to pay our own damn bills and on time! I’m not dating your ass, I’m not even your freaking friend. You should not be my burden. Then there’s my crappy ass apartment complex and my flaky real estate agent. My agent has known for the last 6 weeks I had to give my 30 day notice at the end of Feb. I put my offer for the condo in at the end of Jan. Why the hell did it take the sellers bank 4 weeks to get a damn appraisal? Because my real estate agent sucks ass and didn’t push this process like she should have. Grrrrrrr. So I won’t know if the bank will accept for another two weeks and then I have to get my own inspection done. Now I’m going to have to rent month to month, on one income and it’s going to go up $150, from $610 to $1312. Awesome. You would think my apartment complex would have some sympathy and give me the same rate just for one month. I won’t even be there for a full freaking month and I’ve been a good tenant for 3 years! WTF? And if the seller’s bank doesn’t accept my offer and comes back with a counter I’m going to seriously tell them to fuck off and die and rent an apartment for the next year or two. This process has been a complete nightmare and I don’t want to have to deal with it until after Ironman. Training, fundraising and trying to move and buy a house on time deadlines sucks! So anyway, back to my run….all my anger, everything I just brought up all diminished. I quickly did my drills and headed up the Twilliger hills. The night was beautiful. The city was light up, it was perfect running temp and I was all alone. I thought about all the shit I am currently going though and assess the situation. So what, I’m out a couple grand. My momma raised me to be frugal, I can handle this on my own. There was a time that I could barely make rent and years I lived off of top roman, white bread and pb & honey sandwiches. Even though I’m out some $$$ I can still train, live and eat healthy. For the longest time (6 years of my life) I was all alone, no family, no one. I survived as a teenager growing into an adult with no one. And today I’m surrounded by people that love and care about me. These are minor obstacles in my path when I’ve overcome hurdles. I will not be defeated with stress, hurt or fear. I will overcome…….amazing what a run will do for you.

Post run was our team swim. My goggles kept coming undone and I felt like a moron for not being able to put them back together. Thankfully I realized my coach was a moron too since she couldn’t fix them. I’m SO j/k Jane! Thanks to Baier for helping out…..
Swim was ok, it was my first for the week since I couldn’t swim earlier on due to my black eye. The goggles hurt too much. It was kind of weird, Jane always has use do some kind of drill. For some reason my body doesn’t process direction very well and I feel like I can never fully understand the drills. I am not the most efficient swimmer, and have pretty much given up on learning; I mean I’m not going to make up my time in the swim.
But last night we were sculling and then during the freestyles I felt the sculling drills. Wow, I picked something up! This is amazing for me! Gives me a little hope I guess. I couldn’t understand why for the longest time I couldn’t get a drill and then last night it made sense. This morning I woke and was still thinking about it. The only thing that was different was I didn’t swim earlier in the week. Coach Seth made a point that when I’m doing the long yardage and not efficient my body will get used to those movements and drills will not be as effective. I think his point was well made last night. It had been a week since I swam. Our swim was not long last night and it allowed my body fresh muscle memory to try something different. Coach Seth and Jane get an A+ for helping making things click : )

Warm up 100m
12 x 25s, 4 long glide free, 4 quick tempo (“spin”) free, 4 quick tempo free, :10 rest.
~Demo~ armstroke, roll
drills: catch-up freestyle,
Lap swimming:
4 x 100s odd lengths catch-up, even lengths swim. :15 rest.
1 x 300 swim. Breathe every 3, 4, or 5. Rest 1:00
4 x 50s odds with paddles & buoy, evens with paddles only. :20 rest.

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