Friday, February 15, 2008

How Vday was meant to be spent.

Pilates – 60 mins during lunch

Yay for me! I am finally able to successfully do something for flexibility and stabilization. Yoga really got the best of me but Pilates I can hang with. The instructor was great and explained the breathing well, at no point did my face turn blue, red or yellow : ). I was amazed at how my core stayed strong the entire 60 mins, that a whole lot of time to flex yo. And I had no clue how much it worked your legs, it put a hurtin’ on my tush too. Those scissor moves and knee dips are no joke. Pilates will become a weekly practice for me. On a side note the instructor had us do a move that looked like we were shooting arrows. She’s like “Pretend your cupid.” I thought “Naw, I’m aiming to take his bitch ass out, Booyah!” Hehe, I’m a dork.


1 mile warm up

20 min drills

200 leaps / 200 recover jog x 4
25 step a$$ kickers/ 100 recover jog x 4
25 skips /200 recover jog x 4
25 side leaps / 200 recover jog x 4
25 step high knee/ 100 recover jog x 4

5 min stretch

50 min easy run through downtown PDX.

The run felt great. I finally got another Ipod, my run was filled with a soundtrack that made me want to get up and dance or run, same thing. :P I love running though downtown PDX. The sky was clear, air was crisp, night all lit up, just beautiful. The only thing that sucked ass was dodging romantic couples all dressed up having their “Hallmark Holiday” and by passing all the steakhouses when all I had to eat was Power Gel. I really need to go out for a steak dinner, I have been craving one for a few weeks now. It’s sad, I can’t even remember last one.

TNT Group Swim


“Swim” with board, relax shoulders & breathe to the side

Long glide freestyle, like speedskating.

**2 x 25s “swim” with board, followed by 1 x 50 easy freestyle, 4 times through. Rest 15 sec after all segments.

**6 x 25s long glide freestyle. Easy; approx 6 strokes per breath. Heads & tails.

**9 x 50s, practice breathing every 3 or 4 strokes. Focus on rolling head with body to get the breath. Hold proper body position throughout. 1-3 easy, 4-6 add a little sauce, & 7-9 fast. Max effort: 80% :15 rest between each.

**4 x 25s long glide freestyle. Easy; approx 6 strokes per breath. Heads & tails.

Warm-down Total meters: 1300

Very short swim, which was A-Ok with me. It was 30 mins after my run so the water felt good on my legs and it was nice to have an easy cool down.

Post swimming I filled my tummy with oh so delicious sushi. Mmm, mmm, good. But my steak craving is still there : )

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