Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Endorphin High......

It’s a beautiful day, before dawn to start,
A run through the suburbs while it’s still dark.
The air is crisp, it’s cold and thin,
I take my first breath let my run begin.
Oxygen enters and flows through my chest,
My lungs feel tight, squeezed and highly compressed.
My legs are light and trout along,
Keeping it slow at my warm up song.
Approaching the track and my the anticipation grows near,
For soon I will be flying what I love oh so dear.
Jumps, skips, hops and leaps,
Checking my form, the benefits I’ll reap…
In my 5k, 10k, ½ and marathon, triathlon times
Outshines as the successor, crossing the glorious finisher’s line.
Just a glimpse at motivation to get me through workout,
Eliminating all fears, wonders or doubts.
Of pain that might rear it’s evil head my way,
Bring it on baby, cause I’m not one to stray.
Now time to hit the cardiovascular training,
800 repeats and I’m still sustaining…
My energy for the next steps to go
400’s now.....Anaerobic………. & in the zone.
My body is iced, numbing and cold,
My core is hot and my blood overflows.
My heart beats strong, my blood is gushing,
Through my veins and muscles, which makes my legs start rushing….
The concrete as if it wasn’t there at all,
Not thinking, just doing, praying my clumsy ass doesn’t fall.
But how does one fall when she flies through the sky?
This my friends is called my endorphin high.

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