Monday, February 18, 2008

Easy L2 Bike Ride

Damn it was cold this morning! Cold and foggy....I didn't know if I would make it 5 mins into the hands were so cold it felt like someone hit them with a hammer. Seriously, shifting was difficult. Luckily our route had some hills and that got my blood going. Not too much to report....I did an easy L2 ride with the team, HR avg was 148, traveled 21.5 miles in an hour 15. Let the ride with my team mate Chris. The course was semi hilly, not too windy, but uber chilly and visibilty was difficult do to the fog. Didn't have a chance to get used to the aero bars yet. Shit, I couldn't feel my fingers toes or nose, I sure as hell wasn't trying to balance my semi-frozen body over two little bars....but I did have a good ride and enjoyed a splendid breakfast with the team. The bloody mary hit the spot

Oh yea and on a good note I might still have a date auction. I think I'm coming out of my fund raising funk and about to hit on something creative. Will keep ya posted!

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